Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

I seriously don't know where the past seven days have gone. One minute it's Friday and the next, it's halfway through another week! Sadly, I hate to admit that in that time I've managed to not do a single thing to improve our "unpacking" situation around here. In my defense though, I can't really do much until we get the painters in here next month. So there. Justified. Right?

Anyway, this week let's start with the fact that I am lovin' this weather. It hasn't been 90 degrees all week and the humidity? Bearable. I can see Autumn starting to peek over the head lock that this oppressive summer has been putting on us all.

I'm loving this blog post that I stumbled upon today. It's a list of 10 things she loves about her son; who just happens to be a former micropreemie. I love reading about other Preemie Moms and their struggles and joys. I see so much of our story in Jack and Jessi's story; just like I hope other moms see in ours.

I'm loving that sometime over the past week, we've picked up three new "official" followers. To the new folks: Welcome! Thanks for joining. To the regulars: Welcome, too! I'm so thankful any and all of our readers (even if it's mostly just my dad checking 4,000 a day). If you've been a lurker for a while, maybe you'll consider officially join us soon as well?!

In the same spirit, I'm loving all the sweet comments we've gotten on some recent posts. I have to admit the Turkatermelon quip may unfortunately be the peak of my comedic humor and it could all just be downhill from there. But I will continue to try ...

I'm loving these Pinterest finds:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I'm loving the fact that I just discovered that Immaculate Baking Company makes a gluten free ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookie dough. Yep, you guessed it- I found it at Whole Foods on one of my million trips there this week. I'm pretty sure I did something wrong though, because mine didn't turn out like the ones on the package, but they were a really good substitute for the "old fashioned" kind:
I'm loving the fact that even though folks in the area felt the earthquake yesterday (including my husband 2 miles away at his office), somehow my napping child and I did not feel a thing. I'm all about respecting Mother Nature and her ability to do some damage; but not when my cranky toddler is in the middle of an epic 4 hour nap.

And finally, as always, I'm loving my baby girl; who nowadays isn't looking like much of a baby anymore. Somebody hold me, this is all happening too fast:
Doesn't she look like a little girl instead of a baby?!? I think I may have a breakdown over this ...
What's on your lists this week? Leave some comment lovin' and let me know. And, if you haven't already... feel free to come out of the interweb shadows and become a "Follower". It has a nice ring to it, huh?




  1. she is too cute for words! oh goodness!!

  2. Oh thank you for the link love! so great to find other preemie mommas out there!

  3. i love all of your pinterest finds! your little one is just adorable :)