Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

It's Wednesday! Half-way through another week and there's a lot to love lately!
First up this week, I'm loving the movie The Help:

I saw it Monday night with a group of my fantastic girlfriends and it was Ah-Mazing. Seriously. Maybe the best movie I've seen, ever. And very un-Ashley-like, I haven't read the book yet; but have it on my "Read List" and will get to it soon for sure now.

Speaking of my fantastic girlfriends, I'm loving the chance to catch-up with them, without babies and husbands, over a cocktail and a good movie. These girls have become the kind of friends who feel like childhood buddies; even though we've only known each other since our pregnancies (roughly 18 months). Now, we all have children around the same age who will, in fact, be childhood friends and it's so sweet.

I'm loving this picture of my sweet girl:

It's a photo of her carrying her first babydoll, "Bubba", around the house in one of our baby slings. What I love even more, is that she wore it around most of the afternoon Tuesday and says, "Uh, Oh", if Bubba should drop out of the sling. Only recently has she started playing imaginary games with her dolls and stuffed animals and it is SO MUCH FUN to watch her develop these play skills. I'm loving the little girl my baby is becoming (even if I hate to see it happening so quickly)

I'm loving the fact that this same little girl has been sleeping in later and later each morning. On Sunday, this is what time she finally rolled out of bed the crib:
Can I get a breathing check on this please?!?
I'm loving that we Casey installed the new Faux Pottery Barn Drapes last night. After a little drama about the height (I like the drapes to just about touch the floor; which is nearly not an option due the shape of the window in our house), things are coming along. I'll share photos of the house once we get the last of the painting wrapped up early next month.

And finally, as always I'm loving on my sweet girl:

Can I get an Amen for how ridiculously beautiful my daugther's eyelashes are? I can't take any credit for genetically gifting her with those. As with most things, she gets it from her father who also has amazing eyes:

Oh yea, I'm loving this guy an awful lot these days too :)


  1. Totally jealous of those lashes! She is precious!! I can't wait to see The Help! Love your blog, so happy to have found it!

  2. I have wanted to read the help--glad to know the movie is good!

    I have a fun giveaway for a $10 credit to my etsy store where you can buy rosette accessories going on! Would love to have you over to enter!