Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

It's Wednesday again and we've officially been in our new home a little over two weeks. It's finally starting to feel a little more comfy and less like we live in a warehouse. The moving containers have been picked up from our front yard, so that helps a lot...

Anyway, first this week, I'm loving that we FINALLY have the internet again; even if it means dealing with Time Warner. I never knew just how terrible my phone typing skills were until I had to use it exclusively for three weeks. I would make a terrible teenager.

As we're getting settled in, I'm starting to collect ideas and order new furniture for the house. I'm loving this new media cabinet we just ordered from Crate and Barrel:
I'm also loving this sleeper sofa from C&B too, but at $3300, it's something we'll have to find a look-a-like for instead:
I'm loving this leaning shelf as well from C&B. I'm thinking it will go quite nicely next to our front door and serve as a nice place to deposit keys/mail/random magazines, etc. Someone needs to quickly start sending some gift cards my way, or else we'll have to sell this new house just to pay for the furniture (I kid! I kid!):
I'm loving that we were invited to our dear friends, Mark and Cindi's, home this past Sunday and I was able to steal glean a few small space decorating ideas from them. They renovated a 1940's 5 Points Bungalow and it really needs to be photographed and put into a magazine. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Mark is an architect and Cindi is a sleek decorating goddess!

I'm loving all the peaches that we bought last Friday at Whole Foods. I'm planning an entire post about all the ways I've had to use the crate of peaches I purchased. We've had to get creative here recently to keep from losing a few due to over-ripeness.

I'm loving the fact that our old neighbors (yes they're elderly, but they're also our former neighbors) gave us a call tonight just because they "walked by our house and were thinking about us". It was so sweet. They were one in a million that's for sure (in many, many ways).

And finally, as always, I'm loving this sweet girl, who recently has shown very impressive dexterity. I'm thinking she's going to be surgeon someday (at least, I'm hoping anyway) I especially love the way she thinks her mouth movement directly correlates to her precision. I hope this never goes away:



  1. Stopping by from WILW. Congrats on the new house....I love this pic of your daughter. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love the media cabinet! And congrats on the new home! :)

  3. I love the media cabinet! Like, really, really love. I also love that sleeper sofa. Not so much the price tag though. lol

  4. Stopping by from WILW - Congrats on the new home!! :)