Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday...

This week's list will be short and sweet because our Internet isn't connected and I'm limited to blogging from my phone. Combine the fact that phone typing skills are about as agile as my father's and the fact that autocorrect hates me and you understand why.

Anyway no beautiful WILW intro photo for the same reasons!

First and foremost, Im loving that we closed on our house and sucessfully bought a new home in Durham. It was a closing that nearly didn't happen (more explanation when I can get to a full keyboard) Though, Im not loving having this scenery everyday right now:

Unpacking is going slow and steady and isn't aided my a certian busy toddler.

And that brings me to what Im loving (and hating) the most this week:

Oh yeah- we've got a walker!!

I'm loving the color of my new kitchen:

Yep, it's bright green and it's fun and bright. It makes me happy.

I'm loving these more than I can tell you:

I'm not usually a fan of 'As seen on TV' things but that was before I moved into a house with no storage space. I've had to get creative and these are great for making extra space. See?:

Don't judge me.

I'm loving having the opportunity to fully decorate and plan our house from scratch. I feel a little overhwhelmed most of the time but I can see where it's going and I love it.

I'm loving Miss Priss in her Hollywood sunglasses:

Without exaggerating, no less than 20 people commented on how cute she was in them at Whole Foods yesterday. All that attention is going to her head.

There's a lot more I'm loving these days but I'm slowly losing my mind trying to type all this out on my POS iPhone. So, Until next week, what's on your list?

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  1. your little girl is precious!! good luck with your move! i'm following now...