Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weirdos. All of yous ...

Occasionally I like to check out the "Stats" for this little blog. You know, to see exactly how many times a day my dad watches the video of Bea walking or to see if my number of regular readers goes from 10 to 11.  I also like to do a quick check of the "referring" web sites or traffic sources; just to make sure my blog isn't being ripped apart out there in cyberspace and someone is calling my kid mean names. 'Cause I'm a good parent like that.

Anyway, at the same time I do all of this I often check out the Search Keywords for interesting search queries that may have lead someone to our blog. That's when I found this:
I was starting to get a little concerned that maybe I'm followed by a bunch of racists, until I saw this (a much bigger problem!):
Apparently, we're a bit hit among the nudity colonies and perverts. Great.

I know that most of this traffic is because of this post. Should it have been censored? No. I don't think so because it practically already was. Baby bums are cute. Period.

And this blog is about our life; the good, the bad and the sometimes diaperless. I'm proud of every, single one of those pudgy little rolls that Bea has now. We worked hard to put them on her; and it was a long-fought battle!

Plus, if even just one new NICU Family stumbles onto our blog and finds hope in their situation from our daughter's success... then I honestly don't mind a little quirkiness under the "Search Keywords" section anyway.

I'll just keep watermarking my photos in the meantime ...



  1. oh wow! remind me to never to check my blog stats! there are some real weirdies out there.

  2. How could I NOT check mine after that! *lol* the only searches leading to mine were... "hayden panettiere wigs" and "tiny one inch man gets smashed" hunh??

  3. how do you watermark your photos?