Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Rodeo Round-Up ...

Whew Doggies. This weekend was slammed packed of all things Durham (with a little other stuff thrown in as well).

Saturday, the Collins Family split up (a first for us all!) and had a collective "Me Time" Day. Casey went to play golf with his brother and dad. Beatrice Kate spent the day with Grandma doing Grandma-y things like reading and getting spoiled. And I, well, I stayed home and I may or may not have spent a small fortune on silk drapery at Pottery Barn.

What? I got a little carried away, I'll admit it. Since then, I've detoxed from the Showroom Bender and come to my senses. A lady with two smelly dogs and a messy, food-wielding toddler has no business with silk drapes. They must be returned and will be replaced by very similar, yet very economical (and washable) versions from Target. Ah, but I was livin' the dream for a moment I'll tell you.

Anyway, this post isn't about silk drapes. It's about a little event we heard about last week: The Food Truck Rodeo. Before you get all carried away with visions of cowboys riding atop a Taquito Truck, read this article. When I started getting tweets and Facebook messages from all my Raleigh friends, asking if we were going,  I knew we had stumbled onto something good.
Well, 2/3 of our family was excited to go ...

Apparently, so did about 6,000 other Durham residents because this. place. was. packed.

 The event started at 5:30, we got there at 5:45 and the lines were an hour long for each truck; and had been that long since well before 5:15. Taking your cranky toddler into a hot crowd like that is usually never a good idea but dang it, we wanted to take part in the  Durham Experience. So, we devised a plan to stick-it-out for one truck. What was our choice?
Estimated wait time... 600 years. At least.
 Ah, yea. The Parlour:

And being the incredibly responsible parents that we are, we quickly decided that our one-shot-stop at the Durham Food Truck Rodeo would be ice cream. That's right- our kid had ice cream for dinner:
Not so sure about this ...
I'll just do it myself ...

Just need to scoop a little up on my spoon ...

Mmmm. Chocolate Sauce.

Wait a minute. IT"S ALL GONE. This is not okay you guys.

And, she LOVED. IT.
Next up: Mountain Dew in a baby bottle.
So was it worth the wait? Ohhellyes. I went for the Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream with Fudge Sauce and Casey and Beatrice Kate split a Fig and Honey scoop. It was possibly the best ice cream we've ever had. And folks, we're ice cream connoisseurs (It's a genetic thing passed on from Casey's grandmother):
This is what Heaven tastes like.
 After that we met up with our friends Pat, Molly and Abby:
Hey, I know you!

No, I know you!

Ok, fine. We know each other. Now, follow me around.

So much fun to walk in a circle.
 And Beatrice Kate spent most of the evening walking around. 'Cause you know, she can do that now:
Stomping is optional. Style is not.

Monkey See. Monkey Do. Why is this so familiar? Oh yea.
 After all was said and done, we all were a hot, sticky, sweaty mess and ready to head home. Durham, your Food Truck Rodeo was awesome in theory. We just wish so many other people wouldn't have thought so too!
Sugar High Crashing
And to the folks who run The Parlour: We're customers for life (and also, your nearby neighbors!)!



  1. i think we need to come for a visit and a food truck dinner sometime! I've heard of them and seen them on Food Network, and they always sound so awesome!

  2. ohmygoodness. those pigtails. i swear. how ever do you manage the cuteness?