Thursday, August 11, 2011

A lot of movin', A lot of strollin'

Ahh, where to begin? This is my first "real" blog post since our move out of Raleigh and into the (some say) Hipster Lifestyle of Durham.

I feel like the last two weeks really can be summed up best by this Avett Brothers song. As the lyrics say, we have been doing a lot of moving, a lot of rolling, a lot of driving, a lot of strollin'. It's been kind of intense but we're here and we're I'm trying my best to get us settled in. Casey and Beatrice Kate have been hard at work doing the heavy lifting and assembling:
Monkey See, Monkey Do ...
Same Concentration Face ...
The kid has ridiculous dexterity, I'm telling you. She's not even 18 months old and can wield a screwdriver better than a handy man:
We're all about safety around here. Pointy object? Here you go, Baby!
We've been schlepping Beatrice Kate all over town trying to find and purchase new pieces of furniture. She tolerates it for the most part; but her patience isn't without a little 'tude on the side:
Excuse me? Are we keeping you from something important?
Durham, ah, Durham. It's weird. It's quirky. But that's what we love most about it. Want a vegetable garden in your yard? That's awesome. Want it located in your front yard instead of grass? Even more awesome-er. How about just dirt instead of a vegetable garden or grass? That's cool too.

Tibetan Prayer flags? Yep, we've got 'em. Right next to our NC State flag in fact. My mom is convinced that my neighbor is gang member. He is not. She just watches too many crime dramas and fancies herself a Deputy Sheriff sometimes. Our other neighbor has a very, very short term memory due to a previous traumatic brain injury and often forgets your name right in the middle of a sentence. It's charming.

But... we love it. No really. Where else can you find a Rodeo of local Food Trucks (my husband is in street vendor heaven)? Interestingly, one of these vendors lives about two houses away from us. Which one? Oh, only the ICE CREAM BUS. How awesome is that?

His (my husband, not my neighbor) commute has gone from 2+ hours everyday to 3 minutes. There are more bicycles and pedestrians on the roads/sidewalks sometimes than cars. And Whole Foods? It's dangerously close by. I may or may not have bought something from there every day for the last two weeks. My coupon/budget-conscious shopping has been shot to Hell.

Our collective family wasn't the only thing on the move recently, either. As I mentioned briefly last week, Beatrice Kate also decided she wanted to get in on the movement idea. That's right- she's officially a walker:
The Flash in motion ...
 Well, a better term for it may be... stomping. But, you get the idea. Girlfriend is on the move and there's no stopping her now:
Hands out for balance, of course.
 It takes her a little bit of time each morning to get her Walker's Confidence up and going, but once she does. Watch out. It really makes having a room full of boxes and sharp objects laying around really, really safe.

All-in-all, we're very pleased and happy with the move (both to Durham and Beatrice Kate's). I'm looking forward to finding and getting connected into a Mom's Group here. In Raleigh, I had the ready-made friendships from our Stroller Strides group. There's no SS in Durham (hint, hint Missy) and thus, it's really hard to find other stay-at-home moms.

I have however spotted a few small hats and umbrella strollers parked on neighborhood porches so I know they're out there somewhere ...

Come out, come out, wherever you are!



  1. Are you a member of Triangle Mommies? There is a group (or maybe even 2) for Durham with scheduled playdates for SAHM.

  2. I am so glad y'all arengetting settled! We moved to Atl when Saylor was almost a year old and I know what a challenge it is to get unpacked! Good luck and many blessing to you and your new home!