Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Individuality, Expressed Artistically

Remember my group of girlfriends, the ones whose children will eventually (hopefully) become Beatrice Kate's childhood, life-long friends? Yeah, those girls. Well, we all got together last week for a Baby Meeting of the Minds. A finger-painting playgroup that was equal parts genius and mayhem. So basically, my favorite kind of get-together:
Power Brunch: Sippy Cups and Snackimals. Brain Food.
The best part of the whole ordeal (besides getting covered in washable paints) was seeing how each of the babies toddlers expressed their individuality and very, very distinct personalities through their artwork.

Abby, quite likely a future Class President and valedictorian, was very precise with her color selections:
Minions, hand me the colors I need, when I need them!
She is (very impressively) able to call out her color of choice. "Blue" seemed to be a theme for her masterpiece:
She's so good, she doesn't even look at the paper.
Although, she did branch out to other complementary colors eventually as well. But once she was done, well, Abby was done. The. End:
I said OIL ON CANVAS, not water colors on paper. IDIOTS! I can't work under these conditions.
Then there was Sam, who may appear to be a future Class Clown at first, is really a Ladies' Man at heart:
Lady #1: His mama.
Sam was the renegade, a Finger Painting Rambo, who dabbled a little in all the available colors. Yellow out of reach? Not a problem, Sam doesn't mind a cross-plastic trip to highlight his artwork:
I'll need a little of this, and a little of this, and a little of this too.
 Then there was the whole "Paint Eating" incident. But we won't talk about that:
Really glad Amy sprung for the non-toxic stuff. She knows our kids all too well...
That brings us to my little Picaso, Beatrice Kate. True to form (from her only other previous painting attempt), Bea was slow and deliberate with her brush finger strokes:
The Minimalist at work
She carefully considered her paint placement, color selection, theories of relativity (Ok, maybe not all of those). Girlfriend is nothing if not deliberate:
I call it, "Isolation in Color"
Oh, and she really, really hates paint on her hands:
You guys, this is SO SLIMY. Get. It. Off.
Things got a little rowdy towards the end. There was a little Self-Painting (and I don't mean portraits, either):
Uh, you have a little on your face.


I think your mom is encouraging this ...
And a little Mommy Painting thrown in for good measure:
What a good sport.
 And... the dog may or may not have been painted as well:
After all was said and done, we tried to take a final group shot of their works of art (the toddlers being the works of art of course). That didn't go so well:
Abby was Dun-zos. Bea and Sam are just confused.
And because there was no way I was putting this in my car:
I knew I should have driven Casey's car that day.
We did what any responsible mothers would do. Baby Bubble Bath Time (and we all got a glimpse of what it's like to have triplets... yeah, I have serious respect for Multiples Moms):
I really hope Bea and Sam are looking at the bubbles...
Oh, and these pictures? They're my insurance policy for good behavior during her teenage years. Stay out late past your curfew? Maybe this photographic evidence of your Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet will help you get home sooner:
I Want My Mullet Back...
Kissing boys? Sass mouthin' yer Momma? Remember this guy? He saw you naked once:
I really hope to be able to use this at their wedding some day ...

Wait, this is supposed to be Blackmail. Don't look so entertained, please.
Yea, that'll keep her in line, right? RIGHT?!?! I better get a back-up plan quick.



  1. That's great! I am hosting an art play date in October. So, I need paper, plastic, non toxic & washable paints and a super huge bath tub? Fun!
    We hope you are doing great!

  2. Adorableness! You're right. They MUST marry. That picture HAS to be used in a giant screen reception video.