Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chatty Cathy ...

We never taught Beatrice Kate Baby Sign Language. It's not that we have anything against it; in fact, I think it's a really great tool to help parents communicate with their kids. We just never needed a reason to teach it to her to begin with. We never even really got the opportunity to teach her.

Remember this video? Well, those may have been Bea's first words but they certainly haven't been her last. In fact, she has practically increased her vocabulary exponentially over the past few months. We've been blown away by the amount of words that she uses each day. Most, need no translation at all. Things like: water, bike, bye, hello, hat, Dad! (excitement intentional), puppies, dogs, duck, flower, car, light, spoon, ball, Uh-oh (though I wish she didn't know that one), What's this?, What's that?, fish (for Goldfish), cheese, goat, shirt, eyes, ears, hair, nose, mouth, teeth, toes, shoe, keys, egg, ice.

Others, well, need a little Mommy Translation to figure out what she's saying. Here's a short list for the Bea-anese that's spoken here:
  • Ar-Duld: Arnold
  • Coo: Cooper
  • Ack-Ack: The sound a duck/bird/parrot/anything avian makes
  • Lope: Cantaloupe
  • Guh: Guitar
  • Bu-Luh: Blueberries
  • Waff: Waffle
  • Mo: More
  • Yow: The sound a kitty kitty makes
  • Mill: Milk
  • BeaBea: The name she calls herself
  • Pa: Pacies
  • Bubba: Her babydoll. 
  • Side: Outside
 Now, I'm sure every parent proclaims their child a genius. But no, you guys, our really is. Even more impressive than her vast vocab is her ability to string together words to form small sentences. Ok, so I'll admit, she's most likely just repeating cadences or sounds that she hears us say frequently. But sometimes, she blows our minds with the things she comes up with.

Last week, Casey was getting dressed for work and as he was putting on his socks and shoes Bea walked up and said, "That's Dad's sock". She'll also frequently pick up a phone/remote/peach slice/anything phone shaped and say, "Hi Dad!" And during the move, she was playing in the kitchen with the dogs and said, "A hat and a ball".

For you non-parent types, this is probably like, "Yeah, Okay, whatever". But to us... it's the best thing we ever heard. When Bea was in the NICU, nearly every doctor we saw told us to prepare for learning disabilities and developmental delays as a result of her prematurity. She's not only hitting milestones for her corrected age, she's surpassing the milestones for her actual age. Prematurity is getting a verbal kick to the knees by this ex-preemie!

Now, if only we could get her to put the "L" in Clock... I think we'll be set.
Yea, I'm smart. What about it, suckas?


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  1. we have problems with missing or added letters in the very wrong place too, no r in fork, no l in clock, shirt and sit both wrong. i didn't realize how many words sounded like curse words until i had kids!!