Thursday, August 25, 2011

10 things I love about you, Beatrice Kate ...

Earlier this week, I ran across this blog post from another preemie mom. In it, she explains 10 reasons why she loves her son, Jack. I found it to be a beautiful post (and a beautiful blog) and it motivated me to write a similar list for my sweet girl, Beatrice Kate. So, here goes ...

Beatrice Kate, there are a thousand reasons why I love you; and each day that list changes, shifts and comes back around. But, here's just a small snapshot of the reasons I love you, today (in this second, because it'll change later today) :

1. I love how you have defied every diagnosis given to a baby born at your size. You have exceeded every. single. expectation ever given to you from the minute you were born. You shouldn't be able to do the things you can do. You technically shouldn't even be here to be doing them. It's incredible and so are you.

2. I love the way that you scrunch up your nose when you giggle. It's so silly and it makes me laugh every time. Recently, you've even started "half-way" doing this when you think you're doing something you shouldn't be; just to get out of trouble. It works and you know it.

3.I love the way you'll start singing, all by yourself, to a tune that only you know and when you catch someone looking at you, you'll stop and smile. You do the same with dancing. It's precious.

4. I love how you have developed a love for books and reading. We hoped that you would like to read like we do, but didn't know what to expect. I'm so happy that you frequently choose books over toys!

5. I love the tiny, renegade wisp of hair that's at the top of your head. Whenever I try to brush your hair or pull it into pigtails; that little section always falls out of place. It's like your hair's been cut and we missed a piece!

6. I love the tiny gap between your front teeth. It's just like Daddy's, only more adorable, and it's so sweet when you smile!

7. I love the way that you like your hands and feet to be massaged. You are just like me in this way. Sometimes you will hold out your hands at breakfast, just so I can rub them. And, you love to have the inside of your palms rubbed while you're being rocked to sleep.

8. Speaking of sleep, I love that when you're rocked to sleep you always rest your little hand on my chest, just over my heart.

9. I love that you wake up happy, each and every time you wake-up. It's like someone hit a reset button, even if your nap only lasted 5 minutes. Often times, you'll wake up singing or talking to yourself in your room and it will be a full thirty minutes before you'll call out to be picked up. I can't believe what a happy baby you are!

10. The most important reason: I love the person that I have become since meeting you.  Being a mother isn't really something I thought I would love or even be good at. But you have changed me, forever, for the positive (I think). Taught me humility, patience, a deep love for family and revived my faith in the Lord. It's amazing to me that something so small (you) has taught me so much.


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