Tuesday, July 5, 2011

'Merican Pride

This post could have many, many titles ...

A Patriotic Party, for starters:

Cute July Fourth Decorations Made Easy, would be another:

Pinwheel instructions found here.

How about: Birthday Party, Done Right:

Then there's my personal favorite: Sangria is Spanish for "Devil's Juice":
Or The Pioneer Woman Made Me Do It:
Heaven comes in the form of a giant hunk of meat ...
We're still talking about that corn casserole ...
Or, depending on the who's account of the night we're going with, simply: Mommy Got Rowdy might be fitting:

We had a dinner party on Saturday in honor of my birthday. Did I mention that it was my birthday? Well, it was. And to celebrate, we hosted Date Night for a very special group of friends. Once a month, we get together with three couples we met during our Bradley Birthing Method class last year for a night of childless, adult conversation. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we take turns hosting at our homes.

Can you believe that some of our now-closest friendships developed as a result of childbirth education?!? Over the past year, these folks have become like family to us. They know our child and they love our child; as we do theirs. And when someone loves your child as much as you do... well, you keep those folks around. So, it was an honor to have them over and to celebrate my birthday with them. We made a full dinner using recipes from The Pioneer Woman (including that wicked Sangria). It was amazing: Beef Tenderloin, Fresh Corn Casserole, Mango-Pineapple Salsa, Caprese Salad and Red, White and Blue Strawberries (these weren't from PW, but they were super easy to make).

The next day was, well, rough. But it was a celebration and we had two of the best babysitters a girl could ask for:
They're going to say this is a bad picture; but I love it and it's my blog ...

We had planned to go for brunch, but someone's stomach just couldn't handle the thought of digesting a buffet meal just yet so we waited it out. Dad and Toni went for a hike a nearby Umstead State Park. I'm not sure they were adequately dressed for the occasion, though:
Speechless ...
Then we went to run a yet-to-be-unveiled-to-our-readers-super-secret mission. Don't worry, all will be revealed in due time. But, it was awesome and Casey and I are SO excited about the coming month. And no, Lord, no. I'm not pregnant.

After the Special Op Mission, we went to dinner at Mura in North Hills. It was delicious, as expected, but mostly I wanted you to see how freakin' adorable my child looked:
She looked like a birthday present ...
Oh, and we've discovered the kid will eat anything off of chopsticks. Including green beans:
She turned up the amplifier on her personality at dinner and as Toni says, "Showed Out". Despite being out a full half-hour past her normal bedtime, she never once cried, whined or fussed the entire time we were in public. Good grief, I love this kid:

What? Oh, like you don't let your toddler select the wine for you ...
It was a great weekend. Casey and I got to rest and relax all day yesterday and even had ourselves a miniature cook-out for the three of us. I love being born so close to a holiday. It allows everyone around me to slow down and appreciate the occasion :) I think July 4th may just be my favorite holiday all year.

Hope yours was filled with the Power of Pride, too.



  1. I thought that Sangria looked like the PW recipe. One of my current faves in the cookbook are the twice bakes potatoes.

    Does Bea have her own chopsticks yet??

    And, your super secret mission sounds exciting. I can't wait to hear/read all about it.

    It looks like your birthday weekend was fabulous. happy Birthday!!

  2. I don't have her cookbook, but clearly, I should. I just stalked her web site until I found a complete dinner's worth of recipes!

  3. Love the variety of post titles, haha! Glad y'all enjoyed the holiday!