Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Littlest Book Worm ...

Nothing makes my inner nerd's heart smile more than when I look over and see this:
 My sweet girl loves to read. Ok, so she doesn't actually know how to read words. I mean, the kid is smart, but she's not a super genius or anything. But, she loves to act like she can read:

Just pretend like this book is right-side up ..
It makes me proud that amidst a pile of her discarded toys, she frequently quietly sits and reads her books :
I think I've read this before ...
Often "quiet time" is synonymous with "destruction time" so I don't usually leave her alone for more than a quick trip to the bathroom or to put in my contacts. But it is a nice, non-whining way of buying us both a little "Me Time".

Last week, I took her to the Mecca for Book Worms; the library, for Rhyme Time. I don't know why we haven't ever been before but it was great:
Biding time until Rhyme Time starts with a few "new" books ...
 Staying true to her form, Beatrice Kate could care less about the singing and dancing business. But once she laid eyes on a stack of someone (else's) freshly checked-out stash of Dora books... it was game on:
Oh, what's this ...
Do-do-do, Don't mind me one bit.
Ah, yea. Paper Pages. They make a better ripping noise than board books.
I was getting a little worried I may have to pry the books out of her tiny power grip but just at the moment of truth, the Librarian (who has the best job on the planet) sprung Favorite Item #2 on Bea's list- bubbles:
They're like Toddler Crack. Everyone goes crazy for bubbles.
After the mayhem of Rhyme Time, she couldn't wait for Daddy to get home and read her all-time fav book The Lorax, which Bea calls, "Lax":
Well, maybe it's her favorite? Or she could just be bored...


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  1. The Lorax is MY all time favourite kids book too! :) BK has excellent taste!