Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

I thought it may be good fun to link up with this week's edition of "What I'm Loving Wednesdays"...

I'm loving that this girl has decided to eat again, her "viral rash" has disappeared and she's back to her normal, toddler-acting self:
I'm loving that my birthday isn't until Sunday, but I already got a gift in the mail (Thanks Aunt Sue (The Great)! You're the best and I'm wearing the necklace now!):

I'm loving this season of The Bachelorette. It's bringing all kinds of crazy and drama and I can't get enough. Casey even loves to watch it with me because it's so bananas this season. Nevermind, he doesn't want to own up to that little fact.

I'm loving that I'm finally getting Beatrice Kate onto some semblance of a daily schedule and we can actually plan activities around her designated nap time. We went to the art museum yesterday and we're going to a children's museum on Friday with friends!

I'm loving our real estate agent, Cherrie Bynum. She's awesome. And it's not just because she has a pet monkey, either. She is fighting tooth and nail to get our house sold and find our next dream house for the future. If you're looking for a good one... call her.

Speaking of my birthday later this week, I'm loving the fact that my Daddy, my step-mom (really, we need a better word for that because she's more than the name implies) and my sweet sister, Courtney are all coming up for a visit on Saturday.

What about you? What are you loving right now?



  1. Thanks for sharing Beatrice Kate's story. I enjoyed reading about her. She is very sweet.

    Love that your real estate agent has a monkey!

  2. Oh I'm totally in love with your daughter's name. Beatrice Kate?! ADORABLE! And she totally matches her name :)

    New follower, please stop on by..

  3. Glad she is feeling better! Oh, and happy early birthday! :-)

  4. your little girl is too cute going to town on that chicken leg. love that.

  5. What a beautiful and inspiring blog!! So great to have found you! :0