Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well, it's about time ...

I won't tell you exactly how long it's been since we last bathed our dogs. Let's just say that it was well before Beatrice Kate was born. And she's 15 months old. Yes, it was gross. And stanky. And probably was the main contributing factor to that certain "Dog Smell" that permeated our house.

But all of that changed this weekend. It was the perfect setting for dog bathing: Baby asleep, a warm, clear day, two stinky dogs, a semi-functioning water hose and a DSLR at the ready.

Our dogs are both rescues; and thus, come from very different backgrounds and have very, very different personalities. And both have a very, very, very different outlook on backyard bath times.

Cooper, our basset/lab mix (yes, it's possible!), is a 5 year old little boy trapped in a dog's body. He was our first baby. Well, before You-Know-Who made an appearance:
A face only a mother could love ...

He's very willing and obliging to take a bath:

He knows that after the mundane tasks of washing and rinsing comes the fun stuff. And by "fun stuff", I mean chasing the water stream:
He could do this for hours:

Of course, by "hours", I mean, "longer than his usual 5 minute cardio intervals":
Don't break a stump leg, Buddy ...
For a dog who hates physical activity and prefers a soft couch to nap upon, it can be startling to see him jump and run the way he does around a water hose:
He's got the Crazy Eye again ...

After the jet-stream fiasco, he like a good shake out and get's a brushing. Oh, and he loves that too:

My Dad calls this his "Elvis Look" ...
It takes a lot of work to keep him looking this good:
Show Dog Quality, for sure.
Then there's this guy:

Arnold. Oh, Arnold, where do I begin. Arnold is a 15 year-old collie mix and is the self-appointed Safety Officer of our family. He's cautious and calm; and perpetually under foot. Casey blames his herding-dog instincts for this. I think he's part alien:
Who? Me? No, I'm clean. No bath needed here ...
Arnold hates taking a bath and will start sulking as soon as he catches wind of your plan:
Hiding in Nature has worked in the past ...

He does everything in his power to avoid getting wet:
Just gonna hide over here. This swing ought to provide enough cover ...
Crap. He spotted me.
Oh, please, Mom. Please don't make me ...
Jesus? Can't you make it stop?
Fine. I'll take a bath. But I won't make it easy for you ...
Escape Attempt #2,000.

 Sorry, big guy. But you smell:
I think he finds it insulting to be treated like a dog. Even if, well, he is one:

He never once wags his tail or looks anything other than plain ol' pathetic:
The only dog to ever require a full bottle of shampoo ...

This guy doesn't help things either:

Cheer up, Barn-Barn. It's we're almost through:

He's so offended ...

After the bath, well he doesn't stick around for any of that water-chasing tom foolery:
You can't shake Clean off ...

No, no. As soon as the water is turned off, he goes straight for a shake down and an proceeds to lick himself clean for the next 6 hours:

I better not find any hairballs, buddy.


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  1. what is it with the licking? toby does that too, and i'm like "hey, you're clean! you can't lick it off!"