Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sometimes it's OK to be a follower...

So, something exciting is set in the works to happen here on our little ol' blog but before it does, I need to ask my faithful readers (ahem... parents?) a small favor.

If you're a regular reader (or heck, even if this is your first time visiting- HEY!), could you please become an official follower? It's easy- just scroll down on the right-hand column and locate the section below "Topics".Yep, it's the one labeled "Followers"... Ok, now see the button that say, "Follow"? Click on it and sign-up.

Likewise, if you read post that you particularly like .. leave a comment sometimes. Even if it's just to say, "Hey that kid of yours is cute" (or I mean, you could say she's not cute; but who are we kidding?!?)

I'll explain more about what's going on when everything is set in stone; but for now... I need to try to get an accurate estimate of who all reads the blog and how many people actually care what we have to say!

Oh and one last thing- I've finally filled out all the "header sections" at the top of the blog. Now you can get a small glimpse at who we are and what we're all about.



  1. hey! I am reading. And, your kid is pretty cute!

  2. Dude. We need to find a baby named penny or polly so they can all hang out and be PB&J besties. Yes, I'm a bit sleep deprived over here.

  3. there are 28 followers.. i know you have the whole "yours, mine and ours" as far as family goes like we do, but 28 parents would be... a lot. :) i often want to comment but think it's stupid, or what i might say is not as funny as i think or whatever, but i'll try to post more!!

  4. Yep, she's a cutie! And even cuter in person, I must say! So excited for you about what's in the works! =)

  5. Hey that kid of yours really is cute!! Found you a while ago through a recipe link you did on Southern Savers. Then my newborn niece ended up in the NICU and it was really helpful to read your posts about NICU life. Oh, and now I'm your 34th follower!! =)