Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mystery Week ...

You may have noticed a gaping hole in our blog posting over the past week. Actually, who are we kidding- most of the only people who read this blog are my parents; and I was with them. But in case you are one of the possible three others who are regular readers, Busy Bea and I traveled back to the Wild West of NC for my Baby Sister's high school graduation.
More on that in a second.
It also happened to work out that Bea's Great Aunt Sue Aunt Sue the Great was in town from D.C. visiting my dad; so we got a 2-for-1 deal on family bonding time.
Stately Rankin Manor, in all it's splendor ...

If you aren't familiar with Aunt Sue the Great, let me fill you in- she's awesome. She, and my Uncle Mark, are two of our favorite people in the entire world.They're not the "send-socks-for-Christmas" or "let's eat at the Applebee's Early Bird Special" relatives like most other Aunts and Uncles. No, no. These guys are rock-stars at knowing all the hip local spots to eat and always come well-armed with stories of characters they know. This weekend, Beatrice Kate got a VIP seat during Aunt Sue the Great's visit:
The Lap of Luxury ...
 Aunt Sue's wheelchair also served as a great place to visit Lilly, the Chihuahua and get licked in the face:

And, it was a great way to scoot around the kitchen, when you needed a lift in your walker:
Choo-Choo, Aunt Sue.

Then, there was the pool:
Splishy, Splashy.

Oh man, was there ever a pool:
Mandrake Float, not included ...
Beatrice Kate swam nearly ever day and loved every second of it. It got to the point where we couldn't sit out on the patio without her wanting to at least paddle her feet in the water on the steps.

Then, we payed a visit to my mother, Grammy Kate, where Beatrice Kate's meals were quickly replaced by milkshakes:
There is so much wrong with these pictures, I don't know where to begin ...

Later in the week, we celebrated my Baby Sister, Carson, at her high school graduation:
Held outside, at 10 a.m. (otherwise known as near-peak hotness), Beatrice Kate hid out under the bleachers:
No drinking under the bleachers, Young Lady.
Regardless, it was great to see Baby Sister complete such an important milestone. She is an old soul, and very mature for her age, so I have no doubts that any goal she sets for herself and her future, she'll attain with ease:
A winning smile can take you far, kiddo ...
I also got to spend a lot of time with my other sister, Courtney. The older we get the more alike we've become and I love it. My dad called us "Two Peas in a Pod" and yea, I think that's pretty accurate:

After graduation, we had a party for Baby Sister at my Mom's. I made the cake, and it turned out better than I thought it would (considering I baked and decorated it in someone else's kitchen!):

Bea helped Grammy do a little cleaning while I baked:
Of course, by cleaning I mean "Dragging out every toy she owns and kicking the Carbon Monoxide detectors off the wall"; but you get the point.

Anyway, we're home now and I can say quite certainly that eight days away is far too long to be gone from home. But, we're happy to see summer in full-force now and relishing the longer days and nights at the pool:

Hopefully, your summer is off to a great start as well ...


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  1. I can't tell you how much that picture of BK driving and eating the milkshake cracks me up! I love it!! :)