Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Le Tour

The second part of Casey's Father's Day gift was technically a gift for Bea and him.

From about the second day of Bea's life, Casey has been harping on and on about getting a bike seat for the baby. If he had has his way, she would have been cycling with him the day she was discharged from the NICU. Of course, her minimal head control at the time helped win that battle for me then. But now, she's older, wiser and ready to take in some sites by bike.

I worried a bit about what kind of bike seat to get for them. (Imagine that, me and worrying?!?) Casey doesn't just take the typical Dad-favorite Greenways and Park Trails. When he rides, he'll ride for hours. So, comfort for Beatrice Kate was obviously a main priority.

Then there's the fact that I somehow married a man who has absolutely zero sense of direction. It's so bad that I have been called twice while on international business trips to Google Map directions back to a main road for him. I thought it was genetically impossible for men to get lost. So, I wanted to make sure Beatrice Kate would stay entertained if a mis-mapping should occur on a bike trip. Finally, Casey rides using clipless pedals. That means that if he should tip over, it's possible that he couldn't get his foot unhooked from the pedal in time to catch himself. So, safety was another factor in my decision.

I ended up getting the iBert bike seat. It's got a nice seat cushion for comfort, attaches to the front of the bike for entertainment and should Casey fall, his arms can help cradle Bea when they hit the ground.

Naturally, with a new bike seat comes the need for a bike helmet; a battle I was all too prepared to win. Thankfully, no battle was needed in the end. As soon we stepped into a bike shop in Raleigh, it was clear that Beatrice Kate and cycling were meant to be together. The conversation went like this ...
BK: Hats?
Casey: Yes, hats. Hats for your bike
BK: Hats?!?
Casey: Yep. We're getting you a hat today!

The kid loves hats and we are so thankful she really loves the "bike hat" we bought her to wear:
All my mommy-dreams come true: Baby in a Helmet ...

Loves it so much that she wore it around most of Sunday afternoon. Including into Rite-Aid, Fresh Market, the car ride home and she tried to take a nap with it. Post nap, it was time to ride:

The Verdict? Lance Armstrong, step aside. Beatrice Kate is ready to cycle her way  have Daddy cycle her to the moon:



  1. That's awesome! I can see some loonnnggggg bike rides in their future. Can you clip her veggie straws and sippy cup to the seat?

    Jon loves biking. Have I told you the story about the day we found out I was pregnant with twins? Jon had a bike accident which required two arm surgeries? It was quick preparation for babies.

    I hope they have hours of fun together.

  2. No, but that is awesome. I think Casey would have crashed his bike too if we found out we were having twins :)

    We need to get the guys together for a "Bike With Baby(ies) Day" and we can go get pedicures or something.