Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dr. Jekyll/ Little Miss Hyde

Sometimes, I'm convinced that Casey and I mysteriously lucked out and created ourselves a really good baby. She rarely fusses, is patient and social, loves to give hugs and snuggles. She's quite easy-going and easily adapts to most situations we put her in. Most of the time, she is just an all-around great example of a well-behaved baby.

Notice I said: most of the time. I say  that because, well, we seem to be entering into an entire new world of random behaviors. I once saw another Mom Blogger call these days "Toddler PMS". I think it adequately describes the recent occasions when Beatrice Kate has an all-out sob session over something seemingly trivial.

For example, she and I will be driving around town and she'll happily sing to herself or play with That Baby in the child mirror. Then, in an instant, she's wailing for no other reason than she can't reach the window shade. Or, maybe she didn't want Cheddar Bunnies, she wanted Veggie Straws. Or God forbid, she wanted my car keys instead of her play set . You know, my car keys as in the ones currently being used to DRIVE THE CAR!.

We're not talking a little fuss here and there when this happens. No, no. We're talking Crocodile-Tears-Massive-Hysterics-Making-Ourselves-Sick crying. It's more than a tantrum, it's like she is truly heartbroken and just can't believe we would ever place limits on her. And when she finally gets what she wants... well, then all is right with the world and we're moving on. Duh.

I feel like I'm living with a drunk college girl. At any moment, I half expect her to say, "Mooooommmmmm, I like totallllyyy lurrrveee you. You know? It's like we'rre sisssterrrssss."

This same emotional-all-or-nothing philosophy applies to her (very direct and pointed) disobedience to the word "no". In fact, telling her "No ma'am. Leave that alone" seems to tell her, "Yes, by all means. Do as you wish." Naturally, this "I know you said no, but I'm going to do it anyway" attitude is coupled with a sweet, heart-melting smile. Or, she has an aforementioned meltdown.

As if the emotion-instability isn't enough, today, she's started crawling into my lap, act she's leaning in for a kiss and then WHAM! She slaps me right in the nose or hooks me in the lip with an impossibly-sharp baby fingernail. I know she was intentionally trying to slap me because she did it like 4,000 times this afternoon and laughed each time when I howled out in pain. Of course, as soon as I say, "No, please don't hit Mommy"; she curls up and buries herself in for a big hug.

I feel like a total sucker but good Lord she's so cute; I'm powerless! Any suggestions on how to deal with a Raging Toddler and her antics?!? Before too long, it may be me that needs to look into a helmet!



  1. We've been there! The whole *SMACK!* awww *hug* why'd you make me slap you Mommy? All I can say is that it doesn't last long. :)

  2. How are you getting your labels to work?? I can't get mine to work for some reason!! Drives me crazy!!