Thursday, June 16, 2011

All berries are NOT created equal ...

Today we paid a visit to one of our favorite local spots: The NC State Farmer's Market. I love the Farmer's Market. I love to walk among the vendors, sampling the peaches, and tomatoes; comparing prices for the "best deal":
Sampling the selection ...

While we are frequent patrons of the Farmer's Market, our trips generally occur on Saturday or Sunday. Today, is Thursday and on Thursdays (and what I assume is most likely all weekdays) the Farmer's Market customers are more ... well, they're older.

And guess who loves babies?
Fact: Old People love babies ...

Luckily, this baby happens to love Old People right back:
Yea, I'm totally rocking this blueberry 'stach huh?
Today, we were there with our Stroller Strides Playgroup Friends to celebrate Blueberry Day. Given my daughter's propensity to consume berries by the handfuls; I thought this would be an easy win for Mommy in the "Things that entertain and please my child" contest. Most children love blueberries:
Caroline's mommy was smart and dressed her in blueberry appropriate clothing ...
 Mine, as it turns out, is not one of them:
She even turned up her nose at Blueberry Shortcake. I nearly demanded a DNA test on site; to authenticate her relation to my lineage.Instead, after smushing the berries around her face a little and spitting them out onto her new outfit, she opted for the tried and true- Veggie Sticks:
True Story: This lady next to us said "You're holding that like a cigarette". I told her that we start young in our family.
 At least her little Clark Gable-eque Blueberry Mustache is kind of awesome, huh?


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