Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15 months ...wait, is that even possible?

My teeny-tiny sweet baby girl is fifteen months old now and my mind cannot even begin to process how quickly time is flying these days. Actually, she became 15 months old on Sunday, but I was waiting until we got her current stats from Dr. Calm Tuesday to do her milestone post. That sounds better than "I forgot until Monday that it was even her 15-month birthday, and I was too lazy to do it when we got back last night", right?

Anyway, Beatrice Kate is well on her way to becoming a toddler. Excuse me while I go hyperventilate sob in the closet dab away tears over a growing baby. And "growing" is the most accurate term I can use to describe her these days. Here are her stats from the check-up with Dr. Calm:
Height: 28 1/2 inches (that's up an inch and a half from her 12 mo. check)
Weight: 20 pounds, 2 ounces (yep, Operation Fat Baby is a success. Girlfriend gained four pounds in three months!)
Head: 18 inches (up only a 1/4 inch from the 12 mo. check; making the likelihood for hydrocephalus a little more slim).

One of the most exciting things from today is that Bea is finally plotting on a "regular" growth chart for both height (5%) and weight (15%).  Yep, that's uncorrected- as in, she's in the 15% range for weight for a typical, term 15 month old.

I'm sure you're like, "Yea, so?" but for us, it's huge. Even to this day, 15 months after she was born, I still get butterflies in my stomach when she's put on the scale for a weigh-in. It's the same feeling I would get in school before I saw my grade on a test. Even if I knew I did everything I could to pass it; you just never know.

It's the same thing for parenting a premature baby. I know we've been doing everything we can to keep weight on Bea, even if it means giving her an occasional french fry or stuffing her with Cheddar Bunnies.We know that it doesn't take much to put her back on track for a hospital stay and we'll avoid that at all costs. Still, sometimes you just don't know. With every weigh-in, it's like we're back in the NICU, waiting to see how she responded to the daily results of  the balance and combination of her feedings with her surroundings. I don't know that it's a feeling that will ever go away.

Anyway, other than her weight gain, Dr. Calm was very impressed by Bea's verbal development. Chatty Cathy sat and talked the entire check-up. While a "typical" 15 month old usually speaks around 2-3 words, Bea is well into the twenties with her vocab. That's going to be awesome when she's a teenager, I'm sure.

Bea is also right on track, or ahead of schedule with her motor skill development too. She's able to put blocks in a bucket, stack blocks together, bang things together, crawl, cruise and pull to a stand. She follows directions well and can mimic most anything you say to her. It's incredible how much she's changed in just three months!

The only area that Dr. Calm was concerned about was her "Tippey Toe" walk. With preemies, sometimes we see something called Tightened Heel Cords. Basically, it's a tight Achilles Tendon. It's nothing too major but may cause her some delays with learning to walk soon. So, it looks like we're off to visit the Special Infant Care Clinic again and probably get another Physical Therapy Evaluation.

Ahh, life with a preemie! It's always something to keep life interesting, that's for sure.


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  1. Way to go, Beatrice Kate! Keep the Cheddar Bunnies coming.