Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Red, White and Blackberry ...

Let's face it. My daugther is showing signs of possessing an addictive nature. First, it was Puffs and Mum Mums:

After being banned by Dr. Calm, they were promptly replaced by a higher caloric substitute. Enter the Cheddar Bunnies:

Followed closely by an addiction to Veggie Straws (a battle that is still being waged daily):

Most recently though, it's been fruit. Specifically, berries. The child has been gorging herself on berries of all shapes and sizes as of late.Strawberries were the first to come into season:

Then, raspberries (she took down an entire pint in one day of these babies- and they ain't cheap):
No berries to show for in this photo because SHE ATE THEM ALL
But this weekend, she had tunnel-vision for all things Blackberry. She even wanted to them to be fed to her, like a tiny baby Greek Goddess:
I'm surprised she didn't request to be fanned by a palm frond, too
 After having (what we thought should have been) her share at breakfast, she continued to seek out and shovel all available blackberries into her pie-hole:

I'll just use my cuteness to distract you from my plan ...

Oh, Hai Daddy. Whatcha got there on your plate?
Oh, are those BERRIES I see?

I'll just hold them for you. You know, for safe keeping ...
Mmmmm. Sweet taste of Berry Victory.

There wasn't a moment's rest until every berry on my poor, sweet husband's plate was eaten. By her:
Hey, I see you still have some berries left ...
I'll just. Hold on. I'll help you with those ...
Yep. Just shove those down the gullet.

But, I'm soooooo cute, you could never say no. Right?!Right!

And being the good, All-American Girl that she is, Beatrice Kate decided to round out her Memorial Day weekend by capping off her fruit-filled adventures with several slices of watermelon:

Afterward, she was promptly washed off in the pool before bringing her hot, sticky self back into the living room for nap:
Note: She did receive a proper bath later that evening.
I guess I really can't complain though. If she were going to have a food addiction to something, I'm happy that it's fruit. After all, it could be crack Puffs again.

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