Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Notice Something a Little Different ???

Don't worry- you're in the right spot. It's still the same ol' Crockpot of Crazy; we've just got a brand new look to go with it! One of my favorite Mommy Bloggers, Jess at Here Comes the Sun, has started designing blogs. When I saw that she was running special over the weekend, I jumped at the chance! Clearly, she is awesome at it because our blog now looks Ah-Mazing.

I've been wanting to re-design the blog for a long, long time. In addition to wanting it to look nicer, I wanted a place to compile our NICU Journey for other parents who might be going through it right now. Now, our story is front and center and I hope that other NICU families can use our story for hope and inspiration!

The blog got not only a refresh, but it also got a shiny new name to boot. Life with Busy Bea. That pretty much sums up our lives, and our blog material, quite well these days! Plus, I'm remaining optimistic that someday will will actually sell this stupid house and move out of Raleigh. When that happens (oh dear Lord, please, God, let that happen!) it'll just be silly to call ourselves "The Raleigh Collins", right?

So, bare with me for the next few days as I get everything finalized and all the content filled in. But until then... well, what do you think?!? Leave a comment below (please, pretty please. Comments are like love letters from our readers!) and let us know how you like the new 'do.

And ... if you have a blog- feel free to grab our Fancy Schmancy Blog Button (on the top right hand side) and slap that baby on your blog to link up!



  1. Here's a "love letter" for you - the blog looks amazing! Love the white space, and the yellow, and especially the name. Perfection!! Also think the picture of Beatrice Kate in the swimming pool at the top left is adorable!

  2. LOVE the new design! :) I think it's definitely more "reader friendly" and can't wait to keep reading about precious Beatrice Kate!