Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Bitter, All Sweet ...

Today Beatrice Kate officially becomes a one year old. Well, technically- she's been one for eleven weeks; but that's what's awesome about being a preemie- you get two birthdays in one year. Today is May 26, my original due date, so officially, she's no longer a baby and well on her way to becoming a toddler. We've now officially survived the first year and three months and she's halfway towards being able to drop the "former preemie" title she's been carrying around these days.

Last year, this day was extremely bittersweet. I was thankful for such a healthy baby but at the same time, I was still  mourning the loss of our third trimester. It was somewhat sad to think about all that "didn't happen". Plus, we were still knee-deep into the sleep deprivation days so both Casey and I were practically zombies. We could have lived at Disney World and things would have still seemed bleak.
This is how we slept (on the couch) for more than 6 weeks!
This year, well, this year was much different. As Oprah (wise woman that she is) recently said, "Today was no bitter, but all sweet". This year today gave us a justifiable reason to celebrate. A second-first birthday doesn't come around all that often. And celebrate we did.
Kickin' it Summer Style

Bea and I hosted a play group for some of our favorite tiny people.  I did something I swore I would never do- I made cupcakes using a boxed mix and canned frosting:
A How-To in Pictures ...

But they were good. Actually it was more than good. They were awesome. Tye-Dyed Cupcakes seemed to be hit.

And we bought some new water sporting activities. A big pool for the big-ger  kiddos:
It's just not swimming until you're fully submerged.

A tiny pool for the (all things relative) Tiniest Ones:
Gotta keep that red-head covered in the sun. She'll fry like bacon otherwise ...

And, a sprinkler ring for everyone:

All in all, it was a good day. A great day, even. We got the chance to celebrate twice. I got the chance to savor my bonus time with this sweet girl:
 And honestly- who doesn't want two birthdays??

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