Monday, May 9, 2011

A Marvelous Mother's Day ...

We have a lot to catch up on (crawling mayhem, Dollar Diet Wrap-up and our trip to McAdenville), but it only makes sense to start with the most recent happening- Mother's Day!

Technically speaking, this year should have been my first Mother's Day as a Mama. My due date wasn't until May 26 so we weren't expecting last year to be, well... so eventful. But, as you already know, it was and instead- I was thankfully spending my second Mother's Day with our Sweet Girl.

I think it's only fair to point out that "Sweet Girl" is a completely accurate description of our daugther for the past couple of weeks. She's always been a loving baby, but lately, she is sooooo syrupy sweet and I. Love. It. We'll get into the specifics another day- but it's safe to say that I am thoroughly enjoying all aspects of motherhood these days!

This year's holiday started off on the right foot when a beautiful bouquet of flowers were delivered to my doorstep on Friday, just as I got home from our adventures in Western NC:
The smell of roses helps counter the smell of dog in our house ...

Anyway, back on track- Mother's Day gave me the excuse to not feel guilty when I felt Casey roll out of bed at 6:30 to change Bea's diaper. I also got to sleep in (assuming that 8:30 is "sleeping in" these days) while Casey got Bea's breakfast assembled and into her tummy:
At least this morning included fruit in addition to her normal waffle ...
Casey and his sous chef Bea, prepared a biscuit breakfast for me and then they showered me with gifts. This is when you really find out how "Mom-tastic" I am, because I was beyond stoked to receive: A photo collage of Tiny (pictures to come when it's installed), a small cookie spatula and the creme de la creme... a Strollometer! It's basically a speedometer/odometer for my stroller and yes, you can make fun of me for being excited about it but I don't care. Apparently, I'm not the only one either- because Casey had a heck of a time locating one and managed to secure the very last one in Raleigh last week! Even Amazon was Sold Out!

After Bea's morning nap, we all got dressed and headed out for a special Mother's Day Brunch. I was feeling especially brave and requested Casey take a few photos of just Bea and I to mark the occasion:

I think I have about 20 pictures total since she's been born of the two of us.For once, I didn't care that I look like a whale, or that my hair looked like I styled it in the dark- I wanted a picture of myself with my baby on Mother's Day.

Lunch was great. We went to Midtown Grille in North Hills and Beatrice Kate couldn't have been better. She hammed it up with everyone who came near our table, all the while eating her green beans and veggie burger. She even ate most of the fruit off my plate!
Veggie Straws are the new Cheddar Bunnies
Notice Casey holding down the CHINA plate ...
After lunch, we had a brief walk around North Hills. The weather was kind of overcast and muggy but it was perfect for a red-headed, fair-skinned baby like ours. She even somehow convinced us to take a trip into a nearby toy store for a looksy:
What are you looking at? You're not even real, Dog.
I don't think she was too excited once we got in there ...

All in all, it was a great day. I got to relax, I got sweet gifts and I got to spend time with my amazing little family. It was perfect and much, much better than last year's surprise holiday:

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