Monday, April 18, 2011

Wild Weather Weekend and more ...

Today's post was going to be about our March for Babies Team Yard Sale, which we held on Saturday morning. I was going to tell you that we raised another $300.75 for The Bea Team. I was going to thank every one of the moms from Stroller Strides of MidTown Raleigh who generously donated their old baby clothes and toys. Thank the moms who came out before 7 a.m. to help barter like gypsies for our belongings; literally nickel and diming our customers to a major profit for Preemies. Instead, you'll have to settle for a picture of it and take my word for it that we had a great time and raised a lot of money for our team:

Instead, I'll be telling you about why are are offically the worse parents in the world. This weekend, as I'm sure you've already heard about from credible news sources like CNN, Raleigh, NC experienced a major weather event on Saturday evening. Tornadoes to be exact. Apparently, somewhere in the neighborhood of 62 of them.

The day started off innocently enough but quickly turned into potentially terrible. Yes, they were calling for thundershowers but not until the afternoon. We got a little light rain during the sale (hence, why everything was piled in our garage). Nothing to write home about. Then it kind of cleared out a bit and the sun shined for about thirty minutes or so. Then it happened...

At this point, I feel I should also tell you that our "new" television is currently inoperable. We haven't gotten an antenna for it and we canceled our cable at the start of April. So, we had zero news coverage. Zero weather alerts. Nothing. Our first indication of something being amiss was to see the sky suddenly go from shiny and bright to dark, dark, dark and green-ish. Then, the rain started in. It wasn't just a casual, rainy-day-kind-of-rain either. This stuff was coming in fast and furious. Oh, and sideways thanks to the GIANT wind bursts. At that point, I thought... gee, I should check the weather online.

Cut to me clicking onto WRAL's site and then immediately shutting everything down and unplugging. The weather was reporting major tornadoes, "Cells" of potential trouble, and basically chaos... like 5 miles from our house. We hurriedly switch on our radios (which of course, we had no batteries for) and Casey decides to move our deck furniture out of the way of our windows. At this exact moment, the news casters start saying things like, "If you're anywhere near downtown Raleigh, which we're within 5 miles, or Wade Ave. (again, within 3 miles) immediately take shelter and prepare for a potential tornado. Cue me acting like a maniac trying to get my two dimwitted dogs corralled into the hallway (we have no window-less rooms in our home!), shuttle Beatrice Kate in her high chair, who at this point was just starting lunch, into some form of a shelter and frantically attempting to convince my husband to come inside.

Here's where our "Worst Parents in the World" Award comes in ...

You know those people who get interviewed by news channels after a major disaster who say things like, "Well, gosh, I had no idea a storm was headed this way" or "Well, I just grabbed my dog, my bourbon and my cigarettes and hunkered down for the ride."? And after the TV interview is over, you think to yourself, "Really? How can you be that ill-prepared for a natural disaster?"...

Well, we apparently are "those people". We had nothing prepared in the event that everything did go to Hell in a handbasket. No water stocked. No non-perishable foods, no baby supplies. Instead, we had a dog bed, two baby sippy cups full of water and milk, a pair of tennis shoes nearby and some couch cushions at the ready. Even our camping gear was severely out-dated and wouldn't have been much help. We didn't even have batteries for God's sake. Don't believe it? Here's a little look at our "fall-out shelter":
Casey and Beatrice Kate passed the time by reading books:
Beatrice Kate inspected our only flashlight. Had the batteries run out... we would have had to go "old school" and use candles:
Thankfully, we made it through without any damage to our homes or our safety. It was scary, that's for sure. The tornadoes did touch down very close to our house and to the houses of several friends. Some folks are still without power and will be until Tuesday. We have a few smatterings of building supplies (as does most of Wake County) from what we suspect is the Lowe's in Sanford (some 60 miles away) that was leveled by a tornado.

In typical North Carolina weather-fashion, the next day (and the rest of this week) was forcast to be beautiful and sunny. So we seized the opportunity and took a walk at a nearby lake:
And then we did nothing:
But relax, that is ...Hope your weekend was a little less exciting.

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