Sunday, April 10, 2011

We didn't just break the rules, we steamrolled over them ...

Ahhh, I planned to write a post today about how little $10 buys at the grocery store these days (FYI: I got a green bell pepper, two oranges, 3 zucchinis and a bunch of bananas and was over by $1.28). But alas, I need to fess up to breaking our Dollar Diet in a very, very major way.

Saturday, we went out and bought ourselves a shiny new used car. Unfortunatley, Nelly Nissian (our Pathfinder) just wasn't cutting it anymore The clutch giving out, coupled with several other fairly major needed repairs made the decision for us. Actually within the last week it was apparent that the Pathfinder was simply just not safe. That's really what forced our hand at buying something so soon. Well, the safety and the fact that the belts squeaked so loudly, anyone within 2 miles knew we were coming.Safety and Vanity. Two importants in life, really.

Technically, it's not really breaking the rules because sooner or later, we were going to have to break down and buy a replacement. We knew we were nearing the end of our time with Nelly. It didn't matter if it was April or May, or really even March. We had to face the music sometime. And that time was Saturday, Dollar Diet or no Dollar Diet.

So we ventured out into the great unknown land of used car salesmen to find a suitable option. Baby Bjorn and all, we were set:

Three hours later, we had met our destiny. Meet Filipe Ford:
They see me rollin'

It's nothing fancy, but it'll do the trick (haul baby crap and dogs) and the price was cheap right.
Tryin' to catch me ridin' diiirrty

So, here we are... back on the Dollar Diet for all things day-to-day. No, really. We mean it this time you guys.

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