Monday, April 11, 2011

She blinded me with SCIENCE ...

Yesterday after church, Casey and I found ourselves with a few hours and an awake baby on our hands. In keeping with our Dollar Diet challenge, we tried to think of things to do that were free and would be "baby friendly".

We needed someplace to go that would keep Bea's interest peaked, be age-appropriate and not mind if she let out a few wails here and there; all the while be free for admission! Is there such a place in Raleigh? Yes, there is. It's the motherland of all things nerdy and educational and one of my favorite all-time places to visit. It's the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Normally, I would rather stab my eyeballs out with a rusty pen think of something else to do than visit a museum with Casey. If you've never had that pleasure, count yourself lucky. Casey is "that guy" who stops to read every (and yes, I mean every) single informational plaque, ponder it for a bit and then add in some little nugget of knowledge to those around him. It once took us six hours to get through the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. I usually swear off any and all museum visits for the sake of our marriage; but knew I had to suck it up for the sake of our baby yesterday. Besides, clearly she would be too young for the exhibits and would only allow us a short while at each one, right?

No. She is her father's child. She sat happily in her Baby Bjorn, escorted throughout the museum like a VIP on tour:
She can't even read for Pete's sake
Now come on...
 I was left on my own, to speed walk through the museum, while these two took their sweet time:
Pretty things hanging from the ceilings ...
Learning about rocks. And not to eat them.
Feeling the rock textures
She wants this kind of rock for our countertops, please.
Explaining to Daddy all about it
Beatrice Kate LOVED this museum. She wanted to touch and feel everything, especially the Dinosaur exhibits:
Giant Teeth. Tiny Baby.
Feeling it from all angles

Maybe her leg bones will grow this tall
Destroying a historic artifact.
Feeling inside the nostril. Just for good measure.

Pointing out something to Daddy

No, Daddy. You feel it first.

Ok, now my turn.

She loved the walk-through "aquarium":

But her very, very favorite parts of the entire day were the Ant Exhibit:

And, as much as I wasn't happy about it, the snakes. Actually, I would say that the snakes were her #1 favorite exhibit. Her eyes lit up when she first saw them. One particularly "friendly" King snake really made her day:




I can certainly promise you that will be going back in the very near future. I know she's probably too young to really "get it" but I think introducing her to the world of science from early on is a good idea.  Maybe then, she can get a fancy science degree and not use it- just like me!

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  1. Mark's just like Casey! (well almost - he doesn't add extra information for strangers, but he definitely reads every SINGLE plaque and snippet of information it takes us forEVER to get through an average castle or museum. Maybe we should send the boys and the babies together some day while we get coffee! LOL