Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Flow of Thoughts ...

I have a lot to catch everyone up on, but with the March for Babies walk only a few days away, my head is in a million places right now (oh, and this fun little sinus infection hasn't helped a bit), so instead of writing a well-thought, well-written decently written blog post, I'll just do it in bullet points.

  • On Saturday, we participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change at SmartMomma (a local baby goods shop). It was fun to see all the various kinds/styles of cloth diapers and be surrounded by other crazy cloth diapering families. We're all the same you know, a little off center from "normal". Regardless, here's a photo highlight reel from the event:

Nothing like an Easter Dress and waffles combo
  • Sunday we went to Oakwood Cemetery at sunrise with the rest of the local Moravian population and some other locals. It was beautiful, even amidst the destruction of recent tornadoes.  I wish more than anything that Casey's grandfather, Pop, were still alive to see his grandson playing the in band, with his great-granddaughter watching him from her stroller, eating waffles. Afterward, we had breakfast at our church and came home to relax. It was also beautiful to do nothing. On an exciting note, Casey's picture made the front page of our local paper. Here is the link to the online photo gallery courtesy of the N&O (trust me that their pictures are a million times better than mine could ever be). 

  • We failed as parents for making this Easter anything special for Beatrice Kate. We forgot to dye eggs, I didn't get her an Easter basket and we even ate all her chocolate.  Parenting Failure, I tell you.  
  • Beatrice Kate's mobility has become quite an issue around here. I'll expand on this later with a post of it's own, because it's warranted, but it's gone from "ohh, how sweet, she can crawl" to "OMG SHE CAN CRAWL. HIDE EVERYTHING DANGEROUS". This child is crafty and a little too smart of her own good. I blame it entirely on her father. 
  • With only four days to go until the walk, The Bea Team has surpassed any of my expectations with our fundraising. We're currently over $3200. That's a long way away from the initial $1000 goal I set back in January.
  • Speaking of the walk, here's a little confession: I am totally expecting to go all Oprah Winfrey and lose my shizz when thanking my team on Saturday.  I am humbled. Actually, it's more than humbled. I am in awe at the kindness of strangers, who for whatever reason, care about my daugther. Thank you doesn't seem adequate does it?
  • Also I can't wait to see everyone in our Bea Team shirts. They're A.W.E.S.O.M.E
  • I cheated on the Dollar Diet today. I'll write a post next week after it's all said and done to explain the specifics but for now, I'm blaming it 100% on being semi-sick. My throat hurt and the only solution (at the time) was a Chick-fil-A Chocolate Milkshake. At least I didn't fall totally off the wagon and go for the mani-pedi appointment with my Mom's group. I seriously considered it; but was eventually unable to go tonight because Casey had to tutor. Dammit.
  • While we're on the subject of being sick... how come Mommy's don't get Sick Days?? I can honestly say that it was 500x harder trying to wrangle a mobile child away from our stone fireplace all day than it was to go into a regular office and produce 9 hours worth of productive work. What's up with that?
 Anyway, I think that's about all I wanted to cover. I'm sure there's more but frankly, I ran out of tissues and need to skeedaddle on to find a new box. Thankfully, our "store" is still reasonably stocked so I should be in the clear. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back to feeling normal and can post a bit about the pitfalls of having a mobile baby. There are a lot, as we have recently discovered.

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  1. I liked the bullet update. Having a mobile baby (or two) is enough to make me crazy. I feel like everything is "NO! Please don't touch that either." I have even had to take those little rubber pieces off the doorstops.

    And, as far as not dyeing eggs. It sounds like a much better idea than it really is. Both my kids managed to dump over a cup of dye(yellow and green) and stain their clothes. I was able to use bleach on the countertops. That was the parenting fail. It looks like Bea had a fabulous day.

    We're looking forward to the walk!