Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meal Plan Monday: It's getting rough around here ...

We're over halfway through the Dollar Diet and things so far have gone relatively smoothly. Note that "relatively smoothly" is defined as having at least something to eat besides ketchup every night of the week. We didn't adhere as strictly to last week's meal plan as we did the week before, but still managed not to eat out anywhere and had (most) meals from the ingredients in our kitchen. I say most because Casey's Dad bought him dinner on Friday night and my friend Rebecca kindly invited Bea and I over for lunch on Friday afternoon. She made stir-fy and it was delish.

I won't lie though, it was hard to want to cook food every night of the week. Especially when two nights, we were up late cleaning or baking for March for Babies fundraisers (more on that later). I would have given anything for a slice of Lily's pizza on Thursday night. And when we ran out of cereal on Wednesday, I really, really wanted to stop in for a bagel before Stroller Strides. But, of course, I didn't. My will to rise to the challenge prevailed and we made it another full week without spending money.

Alas, now we're down to the third week and things could start to get a little interesting. We're slowly running out of meats to dine on so we may have more vegetarian meals than we planned. But, it's all part of the challenge right? Here's what we're facing this week:

Monday: I have an appointment in Hillsborough tonight, so I'll probably put something in the crock-pot before I leave. That something will likely be Apple Pie Porkchops. I'll report back later on how delicious this was.

Tuesday: We've heard a rumor that we're getting fresh asparagus in our Co-Op box this week. If this proves true, then we're definitely eating that right up with a piece of salmon (from the freezer).

Wednesday: Either Pasta Night or Salsa Chicken (salsa+chicken+crockpot=easy meal)

Thursday: Brinner with pancakes and strawberries (assuming the strawberries hold out this long)

Friday: Pizza Night and Netflix! This week we're trying a new recipe from my friend (and Stroller Strides instructor) Missy: Chicken, Red Grape and Pesto pizza. I didn't have any pesto pre-made so I'm going to attempt to make some from scratch, along with the crust!

Saturday: Leftovers.

Sunday (Easter): More on this later in the week. I wanted to do a post specifically about frugal holiday meals (because it can be done!).

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