Monday, April 4, 2011

Meal Plan Monday: Dollar Diet Week One

Luckily for my husband, I'm pretty handy in the kitchen ...
We've survived the first three days without spending any money, now comes our first real challenge: a week's menu. Yep, a full week of grocery-less meals. Can it be done? Truthfully, I expect this week to go by reasonably easily. It's weeks three and four where I fear that Casey and I may find ourselves eating ketchup and Mandarin oranges for meals because our cupboards are bare.

In order to make our freezer stock last a little longer, we've agreed to have a similar rotation of meals for the weeks of April. In theory, each week we'll plan to have: a vegetarian meal, a "meat" meal, a homemade pizza, a pre-made/assembled freezer meal, Brinner and naturally, leftovers at least once. Our Co-Op Box starts on Tuesday so this week's menu could shift a little, depending on what we get in it.

And so, with all good intentions, here's what's on tap for Week One of the Dollar Diet:
Sunday: Zucchini Parmesan It's easy to assemble, easy to reheat for lunch and Dear God, I'm praying our child may agree to eat a little...
Monday: Grilled Pork Chops (Well, hello 85 degree days!) and probably honey roasted carrots (we seem to have a giant bag somehow in the fridge).
Tuesday: Broccoli Cheddar Soup (This is from my freezer stock but it's a slow cooker soup that I froze away and it is SO GOOD) and homemade Honey Wheat Bread (Back down to near 60... typical NC Spring season)
Wednesday: Ropa Veija in the Crock Pot. Casey tutors a high-school kid each Wednesday and gets home a little later than usual. If it's not already cooked in the crockpot, we may end up eating cold cereal!

Thursday: Brinner with waffles and eggs
Friday: Homemade Pizza. There's just something about Friday that screams, "Hey, It's Pizza Day!"
Saturday: We're headed to our church some this day to help out at the Spring Fling, so this will probably be our Leftovers Day.

Of course, check back on Friday when I'm wracking my brain with someway to acquire a free take-out meal...or you can head over to Org Junkie to see other fabulous menu ideas. What's on your menu this week, and can you bring us some of it? :)

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