Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meal Plan Monday: Dollar Diet Los Dos

This cost more than $10. Trust me.
Hooray! We did it! We survived an entire week without spending money without spending unnecessary money. Remember, the new car? Well, that was it (as if that wasn't enough). Honest. We ate every, single meal out of our kitchen otherwise.

I think, for the first time ever, we ate all the meals off of a meal plan last week. This week it's looking like we'll be able to do the same. Before I get too smug about this though, let it be known that I am very aware that we are only ten days into April. We still have twenty to go before all is said and done.

Regardless, here's what we're planning for this week:

Sunday: Turkey Chili (I may freeze half of this to eat again later this week... depends on how good it is tonight!)
Monday: As a friend referred to it: Meatless Monday! Vegetarian Lasagna with salad on the side
Tuesday: Co-op Box Day!! Brinner with pancakes and fresh fruit (I think we're getting more delicious strawberries again)
Wednesday: Beef Stew from the freezer (just thaw and dump into the crock pot. A culinary miracle, I tell ya'!)
Thursday: Chicken Tortilla Soup I haven't made this recipe yet, but if The Pioneer Woman says it's good. Then, it's good. End of Story. That woman is a genius in the kitchen. If you don't know about her blog... get to know it. Now.
Friday: Homemade Pizza and Netflix Streaming! This time, we may go all veggie with spinach, onion and peppers. I think we've found our new Friday tradition and I love it!
Saturday: We're having a yard sale to benefit our March for Babies Team and then heading to Bark Around the Park, so we're likely to end up eating leftovers, cereal or thawed, reserved chili (or a combination of all three!)

Speaking of the yard sale, if you're in Raleigh (or from the Triangle) and have stuff to donate, please email me! We're accepting donations all week!

Anyway, if you want other ideas, click over to Org Junkie for more meal plans this week!

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