Friday, April 1, 2011

And so it begins...

Today's the day. Day One of our month-long commitment to no spending. I felt it was only fitting to showcase an area of our home that we lovingly call "The Store". It's my stockpile of household goods and things that I can't cram into the pantry. We'll do a follow-up picture after the month is over for comparison's sake. So without further ado, here it is (and the first person who recommends me to TLC's Hoarders will receive a swift kick to the shins):
I have a problem, I know.

Before you get all "Hey, That's cheating if you stock up on stuff beforehand", know this: Everything on those shelves probably cost me less than $200 out of pocket, total. Yep, total. I'm that good I've been collecting for a while now.

Thanks to Harris Teeter's Super Double Coupon Week last week, I was able to replenish our stock of items that I knew would be essential to us in the coming weeks and items that I knew we couldn't do without. Toilet paper would be at the top of that list. Oh, and saline solution; because my vision is basically reduced by about 40% when I have to wear glasses.

So how did we celebrate our final night of un-frugality? We went out to eat at our all-time favorite place, Dos Taquitos.
It's not a camera trick. That's really what this restaurant looks like.
That's not a tooth. It's banana stuck to her gums... And she's not drunk, I swear.
So, as promised, I'll update each day here how we're managing to get by with only $10/week of milk and produce and not spending anything else. We have a birthday party tomorrow for one of Bea's friends and I've already got her gift selected (from the gift bin upstairs) and ready to go. Wish us luck... we may need it.


  1. I LOVE that pantry!! I want one! I have a very small space tucked away on the top shelf of one of the cabinets in the kitchen that I can't reach without a stool for all my double buys, too good to pass up and other non-perishable deals. With the 3 of us all in a one bedroom flat, that's all the space I'm allowed.

    Good luck but I'm sure you'll do brilliantly. :)

  2. Rebecca, I know where you can have more space...UNDER THE BED! Can goods and toilet paper and other stuff will fit fine under there. That is a space most people do not think of. Also I recall a home show where a designer got an extension pole (think spring shower rod) and ran it floor to ceiling and stacked toilet paper on it to save space. They were commenting that we always waste vertical space. (He was right too) Just thought I would share how to get more space in your tiny place. Ashley, my stock is even bigger but I am loving reading all the recipes and seeing how frugal you have been. I used to be a big couponer but then moved to a tiny town and have 1 grocery (Wal-mart) and stopped but recently was shown how to start up again. I am thrilled to be able to be frugal again.