Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Submission for Worst Parent of the Year and WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Don't call Child Services based on this photo. It was a rough day for us all...

And, the free year of bread from Panera Bread is...

Wondering how you can win one of the three remaining prizes? It's simple... just click here to donate to The Bea Team and join the Fight for Preemies all at once! For every $25 you donate, you'll get a chance to win. And, just so you know, the last three prizes are REALLY good. Totally worth your time... and you're money.

Also, don't forget. The online bake sale is still going on! We have your choice of baked good for the next six Bea Team supporters! Just donate $10 and send me a note to tell me what you want. I'll bake it fresh and ship to you!

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