Thursday, March 3, 2011

Warning: Contents under pressure ..

We've come into a new era here at the Collins Household, "Tantrum Time". It's a rough, shaky time for all of us. Most of all, me.

It all started out innocently enough. A simple head shake "no", maybe a little whine here or there if she doesn't want to do something or is unhappy with something. But it's quickly, and I mean quickly, escalated into a full-throttle, red-faced, potential-head-spinning meltdown.

She's gotten so good at it lately that she's perfected new cry to let me know she is especially displeased. It's a guttural, animalistic wail-growl that I honestly don't know if I should ignore, or have her excised for demons.

Then, top it all off, once she starts with the new wail, she gets herself so choked up, that she goes into real crying and that leads to hysterics. And, we all know how great I do with her "real crying"...

Most recently, she displayed this new routine in IKEA last week. Naturally, it was the exact moment that we stepped up the self check out line (you know, while my hands were absolutely unavailable to console her) that she decided to let it rip.

I mean, let. it. rip. I was so flustered by the amount of Stink-Eye given to me by strangers and Old Ladies alike that I started sweating and getting all red faced. I didn't know what to do! She wasn't in pain, she wasn't hungry (I tried to offer milk and even Ol' Faithul Puffs, but no.) and I knew, I just knew, it wasn't  real cry and she simply wanted out of the stroller.

However, to the people around me, I was ignoring the pitful wails of my helpless infant. This is when having a baby who looks younger than she is becomes a problem. Because Bea is so small, people tend to think she's much younger than she is; making me look like a bully by asking her to "seriously, stop it".

The thing is- I don't know where Beatrice Kate learned this little charade. She's not around other kids, so I know it's not something she's "picked up" somewhere. It's like it's an innate behavior. Maybe she's actually Rosemary's Baby and there was a mix-up at the hospital?? (I'm kidding, there's no denying that kid belongs to Casey).

I don't want to create a brat, so I try my hardest to ignore the "fake" part of the tantrum but I always cave when she starts with the Crocodile Tears. It. Breaks. My. Heart. But the second I pick her up... well, she laughs or smiles. She's crafty, that's for sure.

I have a feeling the "Terrible Two's" are going to be a loooooonnnggg phase for us...

Oh, and by the way, this is what she looked like the milisecond we stepped outside of the store (and out of the public eye):

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  1. Tantrums are just normal to children. It is how to control them that matters.
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