Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That Baby ...

Beatrice Kate has a new friend. We affectionaltey call her "That Baby". As in "That Baby looks just like you, Bea!" or "That Baby is waving at you":
O, Haaayyy...

Bea loves to sit and play with That Baby every night after her bath. She and That Baby love to clap to music:
They love to pat their pot bellies:
They like to point at each other:
They also love to show affection to one another. It's important, you know, for any relationship:
That Baby give good kisses
Smoochie, Smoochie
The most shocking fact about her new bestie,That Baby, for Bea was she also has a daddy, who looks an awful lot like her Daddy:
Wait a minute...

Every, single time we go somewhere with a reflective surface, Beatrice Kate is amazed that That Baby comes along with her. She instantly tries to reach out and touch her. This could be the start of a life-long friendship ...

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