Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready for two chances at a really great gifts? ...

This week, The Bea Team is feeling extra generous and wants to give away TWO prizes. It could have something to do with the fact that the star herself, Beatrice Kate, turns ONE YEAR OLD (pause for me to sob hysterically that this is happening too fast).

It also may have A LOT to do with the fact that last week, I received word that The Bea Team is officially one of the top five teams in all of North Carolina! You hear that? Top Five!

Ya'll, that is awesome. Thank you so much to all of our Bea Team members and supporters! With roughly 50 days to go until the walk, we've already surpassed our initial goal of $1000 and have had to adjust it up to $1500!

But we can't stop there! We still need support and help to surpass our second goal!

And, hey, we're givers and up first this week, we're giving away a gift from SmartMomma, one of my all-time favorite stores here in Raleigh. They have everything from nursery furniture, toys, strollers, feeding supplies and clothes. What I love most about the shop is that they have all (and I mean all) of my favorite cloth diapering supplies like liners and Rockin' Green (Including the Funk Rock line, which is amazing.) They've even recently added an activity studio where you can take pre/post-natal fitness classes, Mommy and Baby Yoga, learn to cloth diaper or participate in the upcoming "Great Cloth Diaper Change" for a Guinness World Record!

Heather, the owner of SmartMomma, has generously donated a Dozy Dolphin for this week's giveaway. It's basically a sound machine that can be strapped to your baby's stroller or carseat (or their bed...) and provides soothing noises on the go.

If your baby is like mine, (meaning: as a result of the NICU, she can't sleep in a quiet room) this is a really great gift. It sure beats the elaborate fan/heater set-up we currently have going on in Bea's room.

Don't have a baby? Tuck it away and give it as a baby gift for an upcoming shower. Everyone knows someone who's having a baby at some point, right?

How do you get entered to win? Click here and for every $25 you donate or raise on behalf of The Bea Team, you'll get a chance to win. Winner will be announced on Friday.

Then, if you're a Raleigh local, go and visit SmartMomma. I know you'll love the store as much as I do!

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