Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prayer Request ...

Last night, I was doing my usual perusing of blogs here and there, stalking catching up on various families and friends, when I came across this entry about Baby Clara.

I don't personally know this family, but I do know some of their relatives, Craig and Meredith Davis. Regardless, even if I didn't know anyone connected to them, it would still break my heart. You see, at their routine 18 week anatomy scan/OB check-up, an ultrasound revealed a serious congenital defect with their precious baby. Initially thought to be a combination of a diaphragmatic hernia – basically a hole in the diaphragm that has allowed the stomach (and sometimes other organs) to migrate into the chest cavity and some other chromosomal abnormalities, they were left with very little hope of birthing a live baby.

After further testing and scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc. The Hardys learned that their daughter, Clara, had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), for which the survival rate is between 50-80%. The challenge with an in-utero diagnosis like this is that it's often very, very difficult to know how your baby will respond outside of their little piece of paradise, the womb. So for months, it was wait and see for Clara's family. Can you imagine??

Anyway, Clara was born three days ago, very much alive, and is now in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Brenner Children's Hospital in Winston-Salem. There are no guarantees for her life, how long she will live, or what her quality of life will be when she comes home from the hospital. BUT, it is blatantly obvious that this child is very much loved and very much cherished by her parents, her family and strangers around the world alike.

As someone who knows what it's like to sit next to a hospital warming bed watching helplessly as your daughter fights for her life, I can tell you... it's not for the weak of heart. There are no words to describe what it's like to not be of any use (unless you count hand-wringing as useful) as doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and others swarm around your baby like her little worker bees.

I ask my blog readers to please add this family to your prayer list. Pray that Clara will make a recovery and that she will be healed. Pray for her parents, Robert and Chrissy, for the strength and support that they'll need. Pray that they will be able to lean on each other. Just simply- pray.

I know that I will and I will certainly be cuddling my little miracle a little closer tonight, saying a prayer of thanksgiving her for life as well.

If you want to read about Clara, her family or their journey, you can visit their family blog for updates and more information here.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Ashley. We will pray for this family.

  2. Thanks Ashley for sharing their story! Clara is scheduled for surgery on Thursday and the Doctors have prepared the family that she may not make it through. If she does (God willing) she will have a rough recovery! My heart just breaks! Keep is all we can do & Clara needs as many prayer warriors as possible!