Thursday, March 10, 2011

My week in numbers ... (AKA: The reason I haven't posted the next giveaway yet)

I know, I know I promised to post the next giveaway yesterday; but I promise... I have a decent reason for being late. Just to simplify, here's a glance at my week, stastisically:

5- The number of loads of baby-puke covered laundry I've done since Monday
5- The number of times Beatrice Kate has thrown up
2- As in, 2 a.m.. Which is the time of day we've been getting up for the day around these parts
4- Individual boxes of Pedialyte Bea has consumed over the course of two days. That stuff is expensive.
50- Percentage of the amount of food Bea has been able to keep down; though it looks like we've turned the corner and are back to normal consumption.
0- The number of walks our poor dogs have received since last week because I've been too tired to even look at them
3- The average number of times a day I've had to pump since Monday because Pukey Baby couldn't handle breastmilk.
40- About the number of people that I am expecting at my house in 48 hours
1- The number of pseudo-sick husbands I have. I say "pseudo-sick" because I'm absolutley convinced that his symptoms are 99% in his head.
1,000,000,000- The average number of complaints from said "pseudo-sick" husband about how "like death" he feels
1,000,000,000- The number of times I've rolled my eyes and told him to stop being a Topper.

So, needless to say, it's been a rough week. Luckily, it seems that both Beatrice Kate and Casey are on an upswing and are both back to feeling as good as new. Which is a good thing because I just might kick him in the knee caps put in some ear plugs.

I WILL post up the next giveway later this afternoon. But first, I have to put my baby and my husband down for naptime.

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