Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little somthin' for the fellas....

I realize that the majority of our readers are probably women, but I happen to know a few guys happen to visit our blog regularly like my Dad. And so, we'd like to giveaway a little something for you fellas.

Up next this week, a golf goody bag filled with all your essential (at least I think, I don't really know a lot about golf) items. Our computer is still on the fritz, so I can't take a picture of everything that you'll get with this prize. Instead, a list will have to do (How very businesslike, huh?):
  • Adidas low-cut comfort socks (size M)
  • A "Combo Brush" (whatever that is)
  • A TaylorMade Player's Towel (this sounds questionable typed out....)
  • 100 count of wooden golf tees
  • TaylorMade golf balls that promise to help you "Command the Tee Box" (so it's got that going for it)
  • Adidas ClimaCool white collared golf shirt so you'll not only play like a pro, but you'll look like one
As I said, I don't know anything about golf and I usually fall asleep if it's on TV. In fact, I am not even that great at Putt-Putt. I got beat once by a six year old. So... me telling you that this is a great prize doesn't really hold much merit. But my husband, who is actually decent at golf, says that this is an awesome prize and if you're not a golfer, then it would make a great gift. I'll even gift wrap it for you if you want. I am at least really good at doing that!

Does all this interest you? Click here to make a simple $25 donation to The Bea Team and show us some love.

I'll be drawing the name of a random lucky winner from our pool of Bea Team suppporters and team members tomorrow afternoon, so get busy with your donating!

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