Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's good to be Queen (Bea) ...

Finally, our computer is back home and I can access and post all of the super cute photos from Bea's birthday party last week. I can't even believe that I typed that... Bea's FIRST birthday. I thought the day would be traumatic and bittersweet, and yes, it was bittersweet but mostly it was very, very happy. I would have never been able to see where we are now as a family one year ago. It's a far cry from the dark, isolating world of the NICU.

Instead of typing a bunch of stuff, I think we'll just let the pictures tell the story (for the most part that is. You all know I can't help myself sometimes) ...

Worker Bees, preparing things the night before
Birthday Girl was all smiles

Key to a good kids' party: balloons. And lots of them.

This looks like a memorial instead of a happy shot ...

Gifts starting to pile up

The grub. And yes, I did make it all.

Homemade with love.

Bee Cake and flower cupcakes. I think they turned out great.


Bea's Bee (Smash Cake)
The Birthday Girl in Costume ...
Yes, I made her onesie (Fabric One from Grandma) and her tutu! My friend, Meredith (Tucker) Davis gave me an amazing online tutorial. (Side note: She just opened an Etsy shop this week, so go check it out. She's amazing.)
Sam, modeling the party hats

Checkin' out Bea's toys

Bea and one of her many men :)

She likes a theme.

Hangin' with Grandpa

And Grandma.


Well, that didn't last long, did it?

Happy Birthday, To YOU!

Force Feeding the first bite... Typical.

Hold Up. This stuff is pretty good.

Let me think about it for a minute.

Yep, move your hand and let me do it myself.

Sharing with Mommy? Not today.

But I'll still be sweet to her.

Yea, this is the life.

Uh, you have a little on your ... never mind. You got it.

That's going to take a lot of wipes.

Bea's first Easter Dress and bonnet

Sugar Crash with Grammy.

And at the end of the day, a very much perfect day at that ... this was outside of her bedroom door, reflected from inside of the office. Quite fitting if you ask me...

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