Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good night, sleep tight. The Dozy Dolphin winner is ...

I happen to know this that lucky lady recently had a new baby who (we hope) will get a lot of use out of this week's first giveaway...

Congratulations to Amanda Sawyer! (Oh, and to her new baby girl Edie)

Amanda, thank you so much for your support of The Bea Team. I'll be emailing you shortly with how I'll get the prize to you (Thanks in part to the US Postal Service!)

For the rest of you... keep an eye out tomorrow for prize number two this week. This time, it's one for the fellas! If you want to be in the running to win tomorrow's giveaway, or any of our future giveaways in the coming weeks, simply click here to donate $25 and support us at the 2011 March for Babies. Remember, for every $25 you donate, you'll get an entry into our prize drawings. So, hurry up and give us your support for more chances to win!

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