Sunday, March 13, 2011

Golf Giveaway Winner ...

I know, I'm late ... again. No excuses this time, so I'll just cut to the chase!

The winner of the golf goody bag (and the rumored second prize from last week) is...

Robbie (and Lauren) Upton!

Congratulations guys and thank you so much for your support of The Bea Team. Robbie and Lauren have been Beatrice Kate supporters since even before she was born! That's because Lauren happens to be a very knowledgeable NICU nurse at a nearby hospital. You already know how highly I think of NICU Nurses! They rock.

So I am honored to have their support for our 2011 March for Babies Team and to give them a little something back in return! 

If you would like to win one of our fabulous prizes (including one this week), then all you have to do is click here. Make a quick $25 donation and Ta-Dah! You're in the running. Every $25 you donate gets you another chance to win! 

Robbie and Lauren: Hang tight. I'll put your loot in the mail this week!

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