Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ever just have one of those days?

Well, we had one on Saturday. I say a collective "we" because, despite getting off to a great start, Saturday ended with Casey and I searching, by flashlight and with a magnet connected to a string, through garden weeds and grass.

I guess I should back up, huh? Saturday began like any ordinary, lazy Saturday usually would. We cooked breakfast together, we took a family trip to the Farmer's Market. Casey and Beatrice Kate spent some time in their hammock, swinging in the breeze. Later, Beatrice Kate and I went to her very first friend's First Birthday party, leaving Casey to do a little yard work in preparation for Bea's own party next weekend.

It all had the makings of a beautiful day.

And then ... Bea and I came home to find Casey frantically weeding through (pun intended) all of the formerly discarded weeds from our front garden. As it turns out, at some point during the day, Casey accidentally (at least, I hope it was an accident) lost his wedding band.

After helping him (with no luck) to look for it a bit while Bea finished her nap in the car, I needed to ske-daddle on to Michael's (the craft store) to get something framed for Bea's birthday gift.

So, off we went to Brier Creek, about 15 minutes from our house. While trying to merge onto the side road where the store front is, I noticed the power steering possibly give out. Considering I don't even know how to pop the hood of our our know a lot about cars, I quickly (as possible) pulled into the parking lot and called my own personal mechanic, my husband.

As if he needed something else to worry about, he abandoned his wedding band search for a bit to help his wife and child, who were now stranded in a shopping center... a little too close to a meal time for comfort.

When Casey got there, he noticed that a belt was missing (which seems like it should have been a bigger deal than it is!) and left to visit a nearby auto parts store for a replacement. Oh, and Bea and I continued to be stranded. Also, by "a nearby auto parts store", what I meant to say was, "three nearby auto parts stores because we drive a Volkswagen and no one carries their parts".

So, Bea and I made the best of it and took a walk down to Target to buy something for her to eat for dinner. I am quite proud to say that what we purchased (organic, natural canned foods) were the first (and only) premade, packaged foods she's ever eaten. And she hated. every. bite. But she ate, because she was hungry and won't nurse in public anymore.

Then, she threw another mother-of-all-meltdowns tantrum because she was tired of being in her stroller. Yep, in the middle of the Target food court, with my husband 20 minutes out. Nothing helped. She just wanted to be at home, and I frankly couldn't blame her. Honestly, I wanted to crawl in the stroller next to her and start my own tantrum.

Instantaneous Teleportation could not have gotten Casey back soon enough. But, he arrived as soon as he could and I cannot tell you how much I appreciated seeing him! We got the Jetta back in working order and finally, we made it back home. Three hours after we left for a "quick trip" to Micheal's.

When we got back, Bea was (understandably) ready for bed. We all were, but Casey and I still had a wedding band to find.

Unfortunatley, despite our best efforts and two different magent types, we had no luck. The ring is still lost in (we think) our yard. If it still doesn't turn up in a the next few days, I'll be ordering Casey a new one.

After all, I don't want all those single-ladies hittin' on my man...

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  1. So sorry about his wedding band!! I know you can always get a new one, but there's something sentimental about the one that you were actually married with, isn't there? I know, because my husband lost his 2 years ago on a frisbee golf course. We never did find it, but hopefully your search will turn up better. If you were so inclined, I believe you can rent a metal detector to avoid all the searching with a magnet on a string, and the expense of buying a metal detector. Good luck!