Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things I've learned since becoming a mother ...

I was just thinking the other day about how motherhood has changed me. Besides the obvious physical changes, I think I've learned a few things since Bea was born. Things like:
  • How to do the Mom-patented "Sling your arm across the passenger seat when coming to a sudden stop in the car" routine
  • How to do the Mom-patented, "You've got a little schmutz on your face. Here, let me clean it with spit" move
  • How to wipe your baby's entire face in one, all-encompassing swipe
  • How to tell if the cry you're hearing means, "I'm hungry", "I'm sleepy", "I'm cranky", "Mommy, I need you", "Hold me", "No, don't hold me", "Get me out of this car seat", etc.
  • What the sound of poop is like
  • The ability to recognize the sound of poop from two rooms away
  • The ability to recognize if poop is on the way based solely on the face your baby is making
  • The ability to know the exact size and amount of resulting poop from said sound
  • That stretch pants can, in fact, be categorized into three categories: "Only to be worn at home", "Only to be worn at home when your husband is at work because they're so terrible" and "These should be OK to wear in public, right?"
  • I now know which shirts and outfits I can successfully and stealthy nurse in public in
  • I now know which shirts and outfits hid vomit the best
  • The ability to know if the burp you just heard will even result in vomit or not
  • The exact moment in which your baby falls asleep enough to transfer them from your arms to their crib
  • The exact amount of swaying/rocking/shifting side-to-side that will achieve such sleep
  • I can now plan how long outings and errands will take to the exact minute and how much milk to bring along to make it through until we return home
  • I know or now remember most, if not all, Children's sing-along and bible songs with accompanying hand motions.
  • Knowing if the cough I'm hearing is a choking-on-green-beans cough or a fake-attention-seeking-Mommy-look-at-me cough.
  • I know that it is possible to take a full-body shower in less than 2 minutes, including conditioning my hair
  • I know that it's possible to go more than 3 nights in a row with less than 3 hours of consecutive sleep (it's not fun, but it's possible).
Being a mommy has taught me a lot of things- but probably the most important thing it's taught me is my own strength. This is hard work- and I never would have imagined how much I would love it!

What are things that Mommyhood has taught you?

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