Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She's got a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell ...

 First, if you're scratching your head at the post title, click here to see a related video.

Anyway, like most things in our lives these days, Valentine's Day didn't go exactly according to plan. Instead of waking up and making The Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls from scratch, finishing Casey's gift and prepping our dessert... we spent most of the day in the pediatrician's office or on the phone with them for a surprise, phantom fever.

I noticed that Bea felt a little warm, more warm than her normal tiny-fireball-in-human-form warm, during her pre-breakfast nursing session. I took her temp, (ahhem, rectally) and was shocked when it read 102.8. I sprinted off the bed to locate my only source of sound parental advice some reasonable guidelines for parenting What to expect the First Year on whether to call the doctor or not.

And I quote: If the fever is over 102.6 for babies older than 6 months, seek medical attention as soon as practical. Ok, so no need to rush directly to the ER. I calmed down, called the doctor and made an appointment to be seen later that day.

Fast forward a couple of hours. I knew something may be up when she took her morning nap, without being nursed down and without being swaddled in some fashion. And, she slept for 3 hours. That. Has. Never. Happened. I mean, ever. I thought it may be a good idea to recheck that temperature because this kid was clearly acting unlike herself.

104.8. Wait, what? 104.8??? 104.8?104.8? Ok, now it was time to freak out. I frantically called back the pediatrician's office to try to get her in sooner than our afternoon appointment. Of course, they were booked because apparently, some genius at Wake County's School Board thought it wise to hold all spring sport try outs on the same day and the doctor's office was swamped. Then, the phone nurse (who is not Dr. Calm's normal nurse) says, "Well, did you give her some Tylenol? You need to get her cooled off as soon as you can." No, I didn't give her anything yet because, you know, I wanted to speak to a medical professional first, lady. Then she informs me that, "Oh, you want to always give them Tylenol or Motrin because otherwise, THEY CAN HAVE A SEIZURE." Uhhhhhhh- that would have been critical information to know as a new parent, the first time I called.

So, I strip her down and tried to get her cool by giving her frostbite feeding her cold milk and a lukewarm bath. The milk was a hit, the bath was torture for her. Finally, her temperature got down to 102 or so.

At 3:15, we headed into the germ-infested waiting room to see Dr. Calm. Beatrice Kate passed the time by playing in her carseat:
Frog Prince will ward off the germs, right?

I passed the time by furiously sanitizing my hands over and over. And then we were called back, (after a parade of hacking, sneezing, sniffling children walked through). The good thing about Dr. Calm's office is that they really know how to treat former preemies. Yes, we were in the communal sick room for a bit; but they do their best to get us back to our own room as quickly as possible- where the real parenting test begins. It's really hard to keep your child occupied while waiting in a tiny exam room. I mean, really hard.

Beatrice Kate likes to pass the time here by shredding as much paper as possible on the exam table. I tried to help make the paper last as long as possible by offering up an assortment of Puffs, but that only made the situation worse. As her slobbery wet fingers went down to pick up more Puffs, it made the paper more easily torn, which made her want to tear it more. It was a vicious cycle, really.
Puffs usually buy us more time
Damage done
What the heck, let's just go all out.
After her confetti making session, we were finally seen by Dr. Calm. A nearly 105 fever with no other obvious symptoms worried her (though you wouldn't have known until she told me. The lady has nerves of steel, I tell ya.) So she ordered a battery of tests, starting with a flu swab (which really, really pissed off Bea) and then we checked her red and white blood cell counts. Everything came back relatively normal and there were no other signs of something like RSV (which I hate even typing!).

I don't like to see medical professionals puzzled and well, Dr. Calm wasn't quite sure what was going on. The only other thing left to check for was a urinary tract infection (which is common in little girls). She wasn't too thrilled with the idea though of inserting a catheter (who is?) for something that may not even be the cause. So, we were told to go home, wait it out and come back in today if the fever persisted and they would check her blood counts and urine again.

Seeing as our family Valentine's Day plans were officially ruined- we opted for Plan B:
Don't judge. We split the shake.
And we exchanged our homemade gifts (something we've done for the past three years and it is a lot of fun) Casey and Beatrice Kate got Valentine's shirts and they made a charcoal-illustrated story for me (which was the cutest idea ever):
Love, Actually is all around.

In TYPICAL Beatrice Kate fashion- she's 100% back to normal this morning. The Phantom Fever is no more. Now we're thinking it was possibly an allergic reaction to something. She's acting like she's never been sick a day in her life. I don't get it.But I rarely ever do with this one:


  1. I am glad Beatrice Kate is doing better. No judging about the milkshake...I would have needed the whole thing plus my own dose of Tylenol.

  2. Glad to see that Bea is better. Fevers are no fun! : (