Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Party Planning Committee

After our breakfast out yesterday morning, Beatrice Kate and I had a busy day preparing a birthday party for our Number One Guy. There were balloons and a cake to be purchased, a kitchen to be decorated and most fun of all- a scavenger hunt to set-up for Casey.

When he got home from work last night, Casey was greeted with his birthday cake and cards, a glass of bourbon and party hats:
Drinky, drink, drink.
Not too sure about this party hat business ...
Helping Dad read his cards. Afterward, she ate the envelope.
 After the traditional birthday song and dance routines, it was time to get down to the scavenger hunt, which ultimately led Casey to his birthday gift ...
Starting things off ...
Notice Arnold comes along to ensure safety.

Don't worry, the grill wasn't actually in use at the time.
Beatrice Kate was disappointed that it wasn't bathtime ...
So, what did he find at the end of the search?

Spotting the gift ...
The party hat makes him look like a serious musician
Cooper offers little assistance. Unless it's an edible violin.
A Natural from the get go.
Watching and learning. She'll get one too someday

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