Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our weekend recap (So what if it's Tuesday?)

This past weekend can pretty much be described in two words: Quality Time and Outside. Ok, so technically it's three words, but you get the point.

We canceled all showings and declined any new ones and instead, opted to do something we haven't done in several months- whatever we felt like doing.

We kicked things off on Saturday morning by giving  Beatrice Kate eggs (for the first time in her life) for breakfast:
What is this crap?
Undecided on this for now.
 The outcome was... well, it's not her favorite food. As we're slowly finding out with finger foods and Beatrice Kate, she's willing to eat them as long as you are feeding them to her. None of that "messy hand" stuff for this diva princess girl. The texture was something she just couldn't figure out and spent more time squishing it around with her sippy cup than she actually spent shoving it into her pie hole.

After we hosed her off clean her off we headed out to the NC State Fair Grounds to check-out the Wake County Libraries' book sale. It was slammed and I do mean super slammed packed. For a moment, I thought my husband was going to pee his pants in excitement when we got inside and saw this:
 And this:
Try to control yourself, Casey.
I don't know if I've mentioned yet how much my husband loves books. Actually, we both do but he really, really loves books. Our bookshelves at home are packed to the max and we have boxes upon boxes of books still packed in our attic. He's "that guy" who never sold back his textbooks in college because he valued them so much. As a result we have a small academic library on our top bookshelf.

But, I digress. The books were priced at $1 and $2, so I knew we could be a while. So, like the obsessive good mother I am,  I planned ahead and brought an assortment of things to keep Bea entertained.To tote along both our child and our new books, we opted for Bea's new wagon:
Spinners not an option on this model
 I brought her a variety of things to eat. Puffs (of course, hello?), Mum Mums, zucchini and her sippy cup were all included:
But after about an hour, she had had enough, so she and I went to the exit to wait for Casey to pay for his box full of books. Bea's wagon has the option of folding up into two seats (seen above) or it can be used in a more "traditional" sense:
Uh, I am sooooo over this. Onward, minion.
 On our way out, we were stopped and asked if our child (who was dressed like this) was a boy or a girl:
I don't know. Maybe he was blind?
Usually, comments like that are confined to the crazy old lady types. I guess we look like really open-minded people who welcome our son to be dressed in girls' clothing?

Anyway, the weather this weekend was out-of-this-world amazing. A little windy, but for February, it was outstanding. So, after the book sale, we opened all our doors and windows and Casey and Bea played on the deck for the rest of the afternoon. I'm pretty sure that now, as if the banjo and guitar and harmonica practicing weren't enough, our neighbors officially hate our family, because Casey also used that time to brush up on his fiddlin' skillz.

Sunday, we met our friends Cindi and Mark at Pullen Park (which needs to get a move on their renovations, please), and their daugther Livvy. It was so gloriously nice out, that we used the afternoon to take the girls on a picnic! Cindi and I had the same original due date, so Livvy is a nice way to see how Bea "measures up" developmentally for her corrected age:
Yep, looks like she's caught up.
It was so great for Bea to get in a little "girl time" with her friend.She loves, loves, loves other babies so she seized the opportunity to get in some major bonding.
Oh, hey Livvy. I have a hat like that too! How neat!
Wait. Is that? Hey, that's my hat!
It was such great stimulation for Bea to get outdoors and have a playdate with Livvy. In fact, she came home and returned to her 12 hour overnight sleeps again! We all woke up on Monday refreshed. Bea especially:
What a ham.

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  1. What a great weekend! We are ready to ride the train at Pullen...soon.

    As a side note, you inspire me to blog more. What a great keepsake for your family.