Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man (or babies) cannot survive on Puffs alone ...

But dammit, she's going to try:
Not part of a complete breakfast.
A new battle has sprung up here at the Collins Homestead. The battle of finger foods versus pureed meals. Specifically, the battle over Puffs and actual, calorie and nutrient fortified foods.

After her initial introduction to solids, Bea was on an eating spree. Turning up her nose at sweet foods like fruits and sweetened yogurts. She would practically scarf down a bowl of meat puree or rutabaga and parsnips. I'll even admit that I was a bit smug about what a great eater my daughter was turning out to be.

Then last week happened. Don't as me what "last week" means, because frankly, I have no idea. It seems that Beatrice Kate woke up one morning only to be over pureed meals. She not only won't eat them, she flat out refuses to open her mouth. This results in scenes like this:
Food misses her mouth, landing on her cheek/chin/bib/forehead and then she rubs it in with her chubby little paws just to rub it (literally)  in that she's not in a cooperating mood today. While this obviously creates a really cute photo op (High School Graduation and Wedding Slideshow material, for sure.) it's honestly, a pain the butt to clean up. I think we actually pulled food out of her ears once and on more than one occasion she has sneezed pureed purple sweet potato hours after she ate. It's gross. On more than one level.

It also results in a crap-ton (a measurement not yet recognized by the scientific community) of baby laundry. Which, if you have kids, you know takes FOREVER to fold (uh, tiny socks combined with two thousand snaps make for a long chore)

Don't get me wrong- I am all about Beatrice Kate moving away from things that are so baby and on to bigger and better food options. The problem arises when she refuses to eat anything more than a couple handfuls of Puffs and half a strawberry. She has become a Puff addict. We may, in fact, need an intervention on A&E.

As a first time parent, I really have no idea how much I should be feeding my baby. My husband thinks we should let her decide and tell us. This theory has two problems: 1) She cannot talk 2) She is a baby.

I certianly don't want to overfeed her and create a lifetime of fat-kid summer camps in her future; but I also want her to eat enough. Where "enough" is defined as her not waking up 4 times a night wanting to nurse.

It's really hard to gauge the line between "enough" and "irresponsible feeding indepence". What doesn't end up in the floor (and, thus, in Cooper's mouth), ends up in her lap. I would say that a meager 5% of what we give her to feed herself actually ends up in her stomach.

Also- there are only so many foods a girl can eat with two teeth. I find it hard to believe that she's getting proper nutrition from eating Puffs, a piece of melon, maybe some green bean pieces and a ravioli. But, she clamps down her tiny baby jowls and refuses to eat anything else.

I never wanted to be the parent that had to "hide" vegetables in their kids' food. I used to scoff at people who would grate carrots into their tomato sauce just to get their children to eat something healthy; but I don't know what to do.

I'd like to hear from other parents about their feeding techniques. As we're moving into more finger foods- how do I make sure she's getting enough nutrition?

She's gotta eat something! It takes a lot of work to keep up this physique: 
She has the right to bare arms

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  1. Boy, oh boy, just reading this and wow, can I relate - I have a former 28 weeker now 15 months old & the doctor is pushing me to feed more solids. It seems as if every meal is a fight and it's so tiring. My son loves those puffs, cheese puffs, toast, pushing away the purees & fruit he used to love, I am worried about his getting enough nutrition & we have to go back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for a 1 month follow up - I'm worried he's going to lose weight, not gain! Part of me also thinks he'll do it when he's ready but it is a bit stressful. My e-mail is - if you would like to be in touch, I would appreciate any thoughts on how you dealt with feeding issues and how it's going now!