Friday, February 18, 2011

I am SO over this ...

I think we've mentioned a time or two that our house is currently up for sale, and has been for nearly a year now. This doesn't bother us as much as you may think because it's not that we have to move; its that it would be nice to move. To Durham, specifically. Why would we leave Raleigh to move to Durham?

There are several reasons, but for us the biggest appeal is a shorter drive to work for Casey (the only member of this family that currently has a commute longer than the walk to the kitchen from the bedroom). He currently spends about an hour and a half a day in the car driving to and from Duke. That's time he could be spending with us, you know, his family.

Also, we just really, really like Durham. It's weird and eclectic (sort of like us) and it's up-and-coming in the world of cultural events, new restaurants and community activities. In fact, it was recently named one of the top 41 places to visit in the world by the NY Times!

Of course, when considering a move to Durham, it's always important to weigh those benefits with the possibility of a naked crack addict walking through your yard at some point during the night looking for a bike to steal or a front porch swing to sleep on. But we're OK with that (well, maybe not OK with it, as we are willing to accept it).

Anyway, back to the issue at hand... our house on the market. In order for us to reap all the benefits that Durham has to offer our family, we first have to sale our home in Raleigh. And selling a home means dealing with showings. Showings mean that I have to pack up my dogs, my baby, her crap, the dogs crap, a stroller and possibly a basket of unfolded laundry into our Pathfinder and travel around town like a clan of gypsies. This scene has been repeated over 150 times since last July alone (and we put our house on the market in April).

I'll be honest- if we actually got constructive feedback (either positive or negative) from these showings, it would be somewhat worth the hassle. Our problem is- our house is apparently being viewed by every idiot on the planet. What I mean is... the feedback we receive is so stupid (no really, it's really, really stupid) that it's just infuriating.

Here are a few examples (and these are unedited, actual feedback with my reaction(s) in italics):
  • Great house but buyers prefer another in N Durham that has one more bathroom and is newer. Sorry. Really? If you're looking for a house in North Durham (which is at least 30 minutes away) why are you wasting my time on our home, in RALEIGH
  • Thank you for allowing us to view. Turns out that LR configuration will not work related to Buyers need to have large TV placement. Master bedroom is great space. So, you're buying a home based on where you should put your large television. That's a sound investment strategy. Also, will the giant, 15 foot walls in our living room not suffice?
  • These folks missed their appointment, only to try and reschedule 55 minutes into their original time because "they were out of town buyers": Nice home and it showed well. Trying to decide on a move to our area but it may be a few months....
  • this home has good curb appeal, nice downstairs layout, seemed a bit hard to cool with the vaulted front room and family rooms. Front room was very warm on a cool day? Oh, you mean the room with the GIANT PALLADIUM WINDOW allowed sunlight in?? Amazing huh?
  • Buyers thought it was nicely priced compared to other homes. However they did not like the color of the cabinets and preferred another home closer to the beltline Uh, I don't know if you know this or not, but when you buy a house, you can change the paint colors.
  • Client liked the neighborhood and location. The home was well maintained and presented. She is retired and thought the home too large for her.Then why are you viewing such a large home?
  • Nice curb appeal. House would show better if the cobwebs were removed from the ceiling area. House was clean other than that. Ok, so what about the actual house? This showing was followed immediately by:
  • Buyers liked layout and location.presently live in a townhome nearby. Not sure of their timeline or future interest. Please thank the sellers for letting us see the home....everything so neat and tidy, you would not think anyone lived there. 
  • Nice floorplan, large rooms and nice deck. Buyers felt the kitchen was dated and the long upstairs bonus was hard to do anything with. Up until this home they had only been looking at townhomes.If you're looking for townhomes, why are you also viewing a 2300+ sq house?
  • This is my all-time favorite: Nice home, but the dogs barking in the garage were a bit distracting during our viewing. Good thing they don't convey then.
So you see what I mean. We rarely get negative feedback, and when we do, it's from people who either don't like our neighborhood or think our yard is too small. Things we can't change... 

This entire process is becoming very, very frustrating. We're considering taking the house off the market for a while just to regain some sanity. Maybe some folks with common sense will like to buy it someday?

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