Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dear Casey ...

Today is my sweet husband's birthday. I cannot express in words how incredibly proud I am to have him as my husband and how proud I am of the person he has grown into over the years. He's not only an amazing husband, he's become a first class father and someone that I am so grateful to know!

To celebrate, we did something we've never managed to do since having a baby. We all got up, got dressed and had breakfast at a restaurant! We went to Mad Hatters Bakeshop in Durham, to be exact, and it was FABULOUS.

Beatrice Kate must have known that today was a special day. She slept through the night and didn't wake up until we went in and switched on her nightlight! Casey and I to got up and dressed and got everything ready before we woke her up. We even made it out of the house by 7:30 as a family! That doesn't even happen on most mornings when Casey is the only one dressed and ready to go somewhere.

The dogs also did their part to bestow a "gift" on Casey for his birthday. Although- this is not really the kind of present one hopes to find first thing in the morning. Regardless, it didn't dampen the day!

When we were in the restaurant, we did everything we could to make it enjoyable for all members of the family. This included bringing along breakfast (yogurt and fruit puree), a banana, Puffs (of course) and water for Beatrice Kate. She was so well-behaved. I can't even believe it!
Need my morning jolt, please.

Puffs, part of a wholesome breakfast
She sat and played with her place mat and Puffs for nearly an hour. Casey and I got to enjoy our breakfast and have an actual conversation! Apparently, the number of Puffs available to play with and eat directly coordinates to the number of minutes of adult conversation gained.We'll keep this in mind for future adventures out in public.

As long as I have Puffs, nobody gets hurt ...
As usual, Beatrice Kate charmed the crowds. Anyone who gave her a passing glance or smile would get a giant, two-toothed grin in return. Some were even bestowed a giggle or a coo! I swear this kid knows how to turn on the charm to maximize compliments.

Anyway, we have a few other suprises planned for today in honor of Daddy's birthday... until then, here's a picture of the handsome devil at about the same age as Beatrice Kate (corrected):
Yep, see I told you... Twinsies.

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